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Ask an Expert: Is doing a smoothie cleanse safe while breastfeeding?

by Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

Fan Question:

“Can you do the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse while breastfeeding?  Thanks in advance!” [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Is My Baby Weaning?

by Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

Fan Question:

“My bubba is 18 weeks old and I think he’s weaning off the boob . He feeds fine during the night, even comfort feeds but during the days it’s becoming increasingly impossible to get anything into him, he feeds for 5 mins (if that) then he’s off and he’s crying at me and doesn’t want to take anymore from me. I’m at such a loss. Do I need to start giving him formula? Do I need to start giving him food?” [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: The Return of Your Period

By Robin Kaplan, IBCLC

Fan Question;

“Is it normal to start your period 4.5 months into breastfeeding my twins? Does it mean my milk will dry up? Any ideas.” [Read more…]

Perseverance Through Breastfeeding Struggles

by Kimberly

My daughter and I had a very rough start to breastfeeding.  I knew very little about it, besides I wanted to bf.  When she was born, she didn’t latch on like everyone said she would/should.  I had nurses grabbing my breast and shoving it into my daughters mouth (upsetting us both).  Then I was told she had trouble latching because I had flat nipples.  I had never heard of flat nipples but I was suddenly very ashamed of my body.  I felt disgusting and like a failure.  [Read more…]