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My Breastfeeding Journey by Nicholl Summers

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I have a milestone to share. As of this month, I have been pregnant, breastfeeding, or both for ONE DECADE. Consecutively. Ten years that my body has been providing nourishment to someone other than myself. I share this because this is also my last World Breastfeeding Week as a nursing mom.

Trigger warning

This post contains discussion of content that could be triggering for people with pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding/chestfeeding/bottlefeeding/babyfeeding traumas or those who are triggered by discussion around medical abuse and mistreatment. Take care of you.

My parenting journey started in August 2013, when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. I nursed him through my pregnancy with my middle kid and for several months after. My second continued to nurse through my pregnancy with my third, and again tandem nursed beyond her arrival. That’s three pregnancies with overlapping breastfeeding journeys over the span of a decade. If you’re trying to do the math, don’t worry; I break down the details on how old they were when they weaned below; just after the section about judgement. This past November, I had a hysterectomy, so no more babies for me…unless they come to our family by some other way than via my uterus, because I don’t have one of those anymore.

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Making it through breastfeeding hurdles

By Kerinne Werts

I just want to start by saying that I am in love with your podcast. It’s so informative and raw! I know I’m a few years behind but I’m so glad I found it! I have been working in Human Resources for the last 4 years but have recently started working my way to becoming a Breastfeeding Specialist.

Here is my long story! 

 I had my son on Saturday, April 10th, 2021. Even before I was pregnant, I knew breastfeeding was something I wanted to do. I researched as much as I possibly could and I’m glad I did because I never once saw a Lactation Consultant, nor was I offered one or given any resources for one. At my 37 week check up, we found that my son stopped growing at 35 weeks due to placental insufficiency. I ended up being induced the very next day. While in the hospital, I told them that I did not plan to feed right from the breast but that I did want to pump. After delivering my son and doing skin to skin, he found my nipple all on his own and just went to town. I was amazed! The nurse came in and immediately questioned me on why he was latched, I simply said, “he did it all on his own and I’m not taking him off.”

I had a clog I was trying to get out but my son was very fussy so as you can see I multitasked lol! 
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Breastfeeding through open heart surgery

By Danilelle DuFoe

First of all, I just want to send my DEEPEST appreciation and thanks to you for your Badass Breastfeeding Podcast. I had a picture of what my breastfeeding journey would look like, and it did not turn out like I “expected” at all. Your podcast has truly helped me on my 11.5 month exclusive pumping journey. My baby- Remi Jean- needed open heart surgery in January 2022, so in my opinion, formula was NOT going to be good enough for her tiny body, as she also was diagnosed at birth with down syndrome, and sent home from the NICU with a feeding tube. I was told by multiple doctors that my milk was not enough calories for her (20kcal) and we were given a ‘free’ can of supplemental formula, which I did not continue giving her, because I knew my milk would change as she needed it. 

The scary open heart surgery photo but we made it through and she is doing great!
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Emily’s breastfeeding story

By Emily McRoberts

My breastfeeding journey started with my 26 weeker in the NICU in December of 2017. My son Graham lived for 19 days and I was able to pump exclusively for him while he was alive. After he passed I was able to donate my extra 500 ounces of milk to The Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes (Huge shout of to them for all their grief support!).

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Breastfeeding and Survival

By Victoria Galloway

I became a mom at 16 years old and breastfed for 8.5 months, when working and going to school, despite very little support and a ton of stigma and judgement!

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2,700+ days of consecutive breastfeeding

By Badass Sandra

Like so many, I began my breast-feeding journey unsure of what I could do. Unable to fathom exactly what my body was capable of.  I had been unsuccessful with my previous children due to the classic “I didn’t make enough milk” myth, lack of support and just overall ignorance on the subject. I was determined to be successful on my third attempt.

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Brooke’s journey from exclusive pumping to breastfeeding

By Brooke Ashlynn Ritter

I have a 6 month old little girl and she is exclusively nursed. I own my own sewing business and I listen to you guys (Abby and Dianne at the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast) basically every single time I’m up late nights sewing my little heart out. I am so proud to be a nursing momma! My son who is now 2 1/2 had many issues nursing when he was born (he was born at 37 weeks due to ICP) and so I ended up exclusively pumping for him for 18 MONTHS. It was so hard and I still have no idea how I pulled that off! I can not tell you how relieved and overjoyed I am to be able to nurse my daughter and NEVER PUMP! I am a work from home mom so my daughter is always with me and so I never have to pump. In fact, if I never have to pump again I think I would be okay.

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Maternity and Nursing Bras By Cake Maternity

Different Types of Maternity and Nursing Bras

Bra shopping can be a minefield at the best of times. Everyone remembers their first bra experience, whether you were professionally fitted as a tween or just grabbed whatever size off the rack that “looked” right. No doubt you’ve had to do it countless times since then, but now that you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated. What bra do I need for what stage? Can you still wear wires? What even is a flexi-wire and when can I wear them?

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Ask A Lactation Consultant: Fussy At The Breast

“My 4 month old baby is fussy while nursing. Do you think I’m not making enough milk?”

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Ask A Lactation Consultant: Fat Content In Breast Milk

“My doctor told me that I do not have enough fat in my breastmilk now that my son is 1 year old and that I should give him cow’s milk. Do I really have to do this?” 

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