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The Cimilre S6/S6+ Breast Pump

The Cimilre S6/S6+ at a glance.

One of the great things about the S6 and S6+ is the adjustable cycle speeds and suction strength in BOTH modes. This helps pumpers really fine tune the settings based on what’s right for their body both when first looking for a letdown (Massage Mode) and throughout the entire pump session (Expression Mode). With 25 settings in Massage Mode and 60 settings in Expression Mode, there are a total of 85 setting combinations of suction and strength to choose from!

The backlit LCD screen, LED nightlight, and super quiet motor help make early morning and late night pump sessions a little less disruptive (oh so important though!).

Full list S6/S6+ features:

  • Single or double pumping capability
  • Two modes: Massage and Expression
  • Adjustable suction strength levels with 5 levels on Massage Mode and 12 levels on Expression Mode
  • Adjustable cycle speeds on Expression Mode ranging from 30-46 cycles per minute
  • Adjustable cycle speeds on Massage Mode ranging from 60-80 cycles per minute
  • Hospital strength suction up to 285 mmHg
  • Quiet motor: less than 45 dB
  • Backlit LCD screen with timer display
  • 30-minute auto shutoff timer
  • Lightweight at 1.71 lbs.
  • LED night light: choose from 3 different ambient light levels
  • Two (2) – year warranty on pump motor
  • Rechargeable (S6+)

And, just like all Cimilre Breast Pumps, the S6/S6+ have a 2-year warranty, interchangeable pump parts, and access to Cimilre’s exclusive Get The Right Fit program, where pumpers can get a third breast shield set free if the sizes that come in the box don’t fit.

Available through insurance, see what you qualify for. (https://www.cimilrebreastpumps.com/pages/pumps-through-insurance)