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The Cimilre S6/S6+ Breast Pump

The Cimilre S6/S6+ at a glance.

One of the great things about the S6 and S6+ is the adjustable cycle speeds and suction strength in BOTH modes. This helps pumpers really fine tune the settings based on what’s right for their body both when first looking for a letdown (Massage Mode) and throughout the entire pump session (Expression Mode). With 25 settings in Massage Mode and 60 settings in Expression Mode, there are a total of 85 setting combinations of suction and strength to choose from!

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The Milkies Milker Saver Versus Milk Saver On-The-Go: Which One Is Right For You?

That time you were breastfeeding your newborn and your other leaking breast soaked through your shirt.

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Your Legal Rights As A Working Breastfeeding Parent, And What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated

By Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

The majority of new moms return to work after having a baby—only 34% decide not to return to work, and as many as 1/4 of moms return to work within 2 weeks of having a baby. The reasons moms return to work are usually financial, although some women do so because they genuinely love their jobs. [Read more…]