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Breastfeeding and Working: Fighting For Pump Breaks

By Erin

I have five children. I have breastfed for a total of 10.5 years (and counting!). I am a LLL leader and former doula. I am also a Chicago Police Officer. My two youngest children were born after I made the switch from birthwork to police work. While the fields are very different in almost every way, they have a commonality of bearing witness to people in times of great intimacy and I (usually) feel proud to have held both of these titles.

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Your Legal Rights As A Working Breastfeeding Parent, And What To Do If Your Rights Are Violated

By Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

The majority of new moms return to work after having a baby—only 34% decide not to return to work, and as many as 1/4 of moms return to work within 2 weeks of having a baby. The reasons moms return to work are usually financial, although some women do so because they genuinely love their jobs. [Read more…]

17 More Days

By Jenny Manos

Jenny Manos pumping at work

17 more days.
17 more days until I reach my goal of nursing my second child for an entire year.
13 more days of pumping at work.
I pumped because I couldn’t afford to stay home the whole time I was nursing. [Read more…]

A Review of the Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

If you ever travel with your breast pump you need a bag. But not all bags are created equal. If you travel outside with your pump often (to work or simply get outside!) then your transport bag is just as important as the pump itself. Too bold of a statement? I don’t think so. If you use a standard bag that your pump comes with then you know that they make those just so that the pump and its parts fit inside. What about all of your work stuff? Your laptop, purse, lunch, diapers? Not mention trying to carry your baby… [Read more…]

Badass Breastfeeder of the Week; 2-24-14

police officer breastfeeding baby

I’m still BFing my 9 month old son.  I had to return to work when he was only 5 months. [Read more…]