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Sage Personal Moisturizer and Lubricant Review and Giveaway!

Vaginal dryness is a real problem and often we are struggling with discomfort that we don’t realize is a result of it. Have you experienced a burning sensation in your vaginal area? Itching? Discomfort during sex? All this over some vaginal dryness? Well, yes. 

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Milk Saver, Milk Saver On-The-Go And Milk Trays by Fairhaven Health

Milkies Milk Saver

The Milkies Milk Saver is designed to be placed on the opposite breast while breastfeeding or pumping. You can simply slip it into your shirt or bra and place your nipple in the hole. When you are finished you can transfer the milk to your favorite storage container to be used later. People are constantly shocked at how much milk they are leaking. I’m talking ounces upon ounces per day! The Milkies Milk Saver fits a little more than 2 ounces of breastmilk in a comfortable and sleek design. It comes with a lid to prevent spills and a stylish portable case. The Milk-Saver has zero chemical leaching and contains no BPA or phthalates, and it’s silicone-free. It’s getting praise around the world from moms and professionals alike for a reason.

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Does Breastfeeding Cause Cavities?

You’ve probably heard it. Breastmilk is sugary and causes cavities, especially at night! So is this really true? Is it really true that your body grew a baby, birthed a baby and then created milk specifically for your baby, but that milk actually rots their teeth?

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Breastfeeding All Around the Bay by Jasmine Marquez

It happened in that order: 1st I became a lactation consultant – 2nd I became a mom – 3rd I became an author.

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The Realities of Breastfeeding

Gina Brocker is a documentary photographer based in Boston. Her photo essay, Latched On, depicts the realities of breastfeeding in our modern culture. It has just been published in Time and Globe and Mail.

Gina Brocker writes, “With my ten-month-old son strapped onto my front and camera in hand, I squeezed into Monica’s SUV. I began to document her feeding her sixteen-month-old daughter following the regular afternoon pick up of her older daughter. Marlin was snug in her lap nursing, while three-year-old Simona climbed to the front of the car to see what other entertainment she could find. Kids songs played on the speakers and the cracked windows let just enough breeze in. They were parked outside the Arnold Arboretum, in Boston, hoping to take advantage of the spring weather.” 
Gine Brocker Lacthed On
“As I sit here multi tasking at afternoon pick up with the older sister occupied and Marlin happily suckling in my lap I realize that breastfeeding isn’t always “beautiful”in the aesthetic sense. What I love about it is the raw immediacy. A procrastinator and unplanner by nature, breastfeeding fits my lifestyle perfectly. Nothing to remember, nothing to clean just my ladies and my baby. It’s not uncommon for me to have Marlin in the wrap or sling feeding while playing with big Sister Simona at a playground or while running errands. Breastfeeding provides me with that sort of freedom and also empowerment. I don’t think it was by mistake that God designed our bodies to be sufficient. When all is stripped away I am still enough for my babies and that is powerful. That feeling of empowerment is what continues to propel me through the unknowns & trials of parenthood with confidence.”
– Monica, Canton, Massachusetts
Gina Brocker Lacthed On
Gina Brocker Lacthed On
Gina Brocker Lacthed On
Breastfeeding is a choice and commitment. With its many rewards, comes challenges and sacrifices. Physical pain, being constantly on call and the unbalanced caregiving between you and your partner to name a few. Battling outside criticism and judgment is often another hurdle families have to face. Often mothers feel pressured from their own families to stop breastfeeding once their baby gets to a certain age. Partners have suggested that it’s inappropriate to nurse in certain public settings. One mother had laughing teenage boys photograph her while breastfeeding on public transportation. 
Gina Brocker Lacthed On
Gina Brocker Latched On
Gina Brocker Latched On
According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, in the US, 81.1% percent of babies are breastfeed and 51.8% of them make it to six months. Of this 51.8%, roughly one-fourth are exclusively breastfed, meaning no formula was used. Throughout the rest of the world, an average of 43% of babies are exclusively breasted until sixth months of age. This past Spring, the US opposed a resolution to encourage breastfeeding in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly. A stark contrast to the Obama administration which supported the World Health Organization’s longstanding policy of encouraging breastfeeding. A 2016 study in The Lancet found that universal breastfeeding would prevent 800,000 child deaths a year globally, save $300 billion in health care cost and improve economic outcomes for those raised on breast milk.  
Gina Brocker Latch On
Gina Brocker Latched On
Gina Brocker Latched On
After personally navigating uncomfortable and challenging situations, the need to share the realities of breastfeeding led me to begin this project. Usually worn in a wrap, and often nursing, my son, and later, daughter, and I ventured into over 50 Boston-based families’ homes and lives to document their typical breastfeeding routines. Hearing from the various caregivers reaffirmed how crucial sharing their experience is. Knowing the realities of breastfeeding empowers families and normalizes this very natural and beneficial part of life. You can follow Gina Brocker’s entire project at her website

5 Breastfeeding Tips to Help You Get Through the Night

Nothing prepares you for being a parent. While the first few weeks and months are unforgettable they are also incredibly exhausting.

Amongst all the excitement and the attention given to the newborn, something often gets forgotten, that’s the health of one very important person, you – the mom. And as you have a little one to care for now, nothing is as essential as sustaining your own physical and mental health. [Read more…]


Exley reaching up to the LGBTQ flag

We stand with everyone in the LGBTQ community, your family and friends. We mourn the lost lives with you and feel your power in the aftermath of this hate crime. We think of you every time we look in or out our window. I am dedicated to teaching my sons love, peace, acceptance and that they can love whoever they want. #OrlandoStrong

This is Life

Every night at 8pm I come out of our bedroom after nursing Jack to sleep. I meet my husband in the dark hallway who has just come up from rocking Exley to sleep. I pull my left breast out of the top of my shirt. I place my left hand on Exley’s back and my right hand under his bottom. My husband places his right hand on Exley’s lower back and his left hand on Exley’s arm. I scoop Exley to my breast. I carry him into our room and lie down next to Jack while Exley nurses for a few minutes. I slip my nipple out of his mouth. I stand up and look back at my 2 little boys sleeping next to each other as I quietly leave the room. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Is Not Private

Breastfeeding isn’t private for me. At all. It’s no more private for me than eating, sipping water, holding my husband’s hand or hugging friends. It’s private for some people and that’s totally cool. That’s just not my personal story. No one would ever interrupt my husband and I holding hands while eating dinner to tell us we were being inappropriate. I don’t see any reason to do this to a breastfeeding mother. Ever. There is never a reason to treat a breastfeeding mother any different than anyone else on the street. Unless she is about to wander into traffic just let her be.

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding in public

My Ugly Belly Bulge

This past weekend I was getting dressed for Easter Sunday brunch. When I put on my dress I realized I had forgotten my shaper, which is really just high-as-hell underwear to cover up that little bugle I have that sticks out over regular underwear or pants. I stood in the mirror scolding this belly bulge and myself for forgetting the most important piece of my wardrobe; the one that covers up my true body shape. [Read more…]