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Our Bodies Are Not Broken

When I was pregnant with my second son, Exley, people would often ask if this birth would be the one that righted all the wrongs from the first. I never felt that was the case since the birth of my first son gave me my beautiful son and also got me to where I am today. Learning to breastfeed was so hard so I figured I had my big empowering moment when it started to work for us. My first birthing experience was traumatic, but it taught me so much that I can’t call it “wrong.” There were plenty of things that I wanted to do differently the second time, but I don’t think I would have had the second experience without the first. So, essentially, both birth experiences served an important purpose. [Read more…]

Michael and Manuel’s Adoption Journey

Michael and Manuel met in 2002 and were married in 2008. Michael is a Psychologist and Manuel works in Human Resources for a renewable energy wind turbine company. They enjoy gardening, yoga, hiking, preforming arts and travel, but if you have followed any of their story over the years you know that what they enjoy most is being parents to their son, Mateo.

Mateo was adopted from Chicago 3.5 years ago in an open adoption. It was a quick process, only 4 months! “He is a spectacular little man now!” says Michael.

Mateo [Read more…]

Moms Need Help Getting Help

By Abby Theuring, MSW

Recently a friend of mine had a baby. I made her some soup and asked when I can stop by with some gifts. Once the day came I asked what time was best. She sent me a long response that her house was very messy and things have been crazy. I said I could leave my kids home and either take her kids while she cleaned, take her kids while she napped or help clean up the house. She didn’t respond. [Read more…]

Birth Recovery Tip: Soothing Witch Hazel “Ice Packs”

witch hazel pads for recovering from giving birth

Recovering from birth can be painful! Even with no tearing or stitches the vaginal area is sore for awhile. Here is a tip for some relief after all of the work you did. You deserve it!

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An Open Letter to Doctors About Birth and Breastfeeding

Dear Doctors,

I want to personally thank you for dedicating your lives to helping people maintain wellness. You have gone through a lot of schooling and gained a ton of experience to be able to guide people through sickness and to live healthy, fulfilling and long lives. You have literally saved the lives of family members. When I am sick or injured you are the first person I call. We would be in a terrible place without you.

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The Home Birth of Sweet Wyatt William

By Sally Sites

In October 2005, I met the first love of my life- my wonderful husband Jake.  On August 19th 2010, my second love was born (plans for a natural, relaxed birth center birth were derailed by a pitocin induction at the hospital…I still birthed as naturally as I could while tethered to an IV lying in a bed but it was everything I didn’t want).  My passion for all things pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding developed as I grew into my new role as a mom to my darling little man.   [Read more…]

Time Travel

Read this post at Breastfeeding Basics!

Time Travel [Read more…]

A Personal Account of Placenta Consumption

AT (44)

Placenta floating in the birth pool minutes after birth. 

The most frequently asked question since the birth of my second son, Exley, has been about the encapsulation of my placenta. I was one of those people who was thoroughly disgusted by the prospect of consuming a placenta. [Read more…]

X-Man: My Homebirth Story

AT (81)

We knew we wanted a homebirth before I even got pregnant. Jack’s birth experience and our journey into parenting left us wanting a different experience the second time. [Read more…]

A Photo Journal of How to Fill a Birth Pool

One of things that initially stood between me and a homebirth was how difficult everything seemed. How in the world did you get one of those pools? How did you fill it? How did you empty it? I am a very detail-oriented person and it just seemed overwhelming to me. Like I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. Like the people who do figure it out are better than me and I was not homebirth material. [Read more…]