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Ask an Expert: Milk Supply During Pregnancy

By Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

Fan Question: Need a little advice on re-lactation!! Baby girl is 2 yrs old and I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant. I stopped producing “milk” about 8-9 weeks ago but that hasn’t deterred her from nursing on colostrum! Is it possible to start producing “milk” again, or do we wing it till the new baby arrives? I drink nothing but water, eat oatmeal everyday, and take my prenatals religiously! Any and all advice is appreciated.

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Ask an Expert: Milk Supply and Knowing How Much is Enough

By Wendy Wisner, IBCLC

Fan Question: I had my third child three weeks ago today. I wanted to breastfeed desperately but he was having difficulty latching. I had the same issue with my other two children. I think it has something to do with my nipple shape. I had resorted to pumping and giving him mostly pumped milk but with some formula as well. I had a huge milk supply and should have pumped more often than I did but with three kids it was difficult. A few days ago my son latched perfectly! Ever since he got a good latch he wants to breastfeed constantly. However, I realized at that point that my milk supply had dwindled to practically nothing. I get a tablespoon in maybe a half hour. I have been nursing on demand for hours. I really want to exclusively bf. Is it possible to get my full supply back? I have been topping him off with a little formula because I don’t know if he’s getting enough. Also I’m pumping to stimulate supply.

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Ask an Expert: Breastfeeding and Type 1 Diabetes

Fan Question: I am a type 1 diabetic and EBF my 2-mo-old DD. Before and during pregnancy I had tight control of my blood sugar but now one minute my sugar is high and the next it’s low. Is high sugar bad for the baby? Should I not be breastfeeding at all? I want to do what’s best. [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: I’m Afraid She Isn’t Getting Enough

Fan Question: My daughter was 5 weeks early and spent 9 days in the NICU. I pumped and then we began breastfeeding but she latched only for a short time, which we followed with bottles. A month later she’s latching better, but even if she nurses for a while, she still seems hungry and may take a 2 oz bottle. I’d like to EBF, but I am afraid she is not getting enough. [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Dairy and Elimination Diets

I’ve been on a dairy elimination diet for several months. What is the best way to determine if by baby still reacts to dairy? Are there certain dairy products (cheese, butter, cream) that are easier for the transition back to dairy? [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Oversupply and Block Feeding

I’m a first-time mother who has been struggling with breastfeeding for 6 months. First I thought my daughter’s constant pulling off and crying were due to low milk supply but when I took fenugreek, it got worse. I wonder if our issue might be oversupply. Is it too late to fix this problem? [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Frustrated at the Breast

Fan Question: Sometimes my baby gets frustrated at the breast and won’t latch on. I’ve been breaking down and giving him a bottle of formula. What else can I do? [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Should I Wake My Baby to Eat?

Fan Question: My first baby will be born soon and I’m wondering if I should wake my baby to nurse at night or if I should wait until he wakes to breastfeed. [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Can I Breastfeed While Pregnant?

Fan Question: I’m 9 weeks pregnant and have a nursing 17-month-old. Is it safe to breastfeed through a pregnancy? [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Pumping and Working

Fan Question: I’m a first-time mom. My baby is one month old and I go back to work in a month. When should I pump and how can I store milk for work if my baby takes a bottle every day? [Read more…]