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A Review of the Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

If you ever travel with your breast pump you need a bag. But not all bags are created equal. If you travel outside with your pump often (to work or simply get outside!) then your transport bag is just as important as the pump itself. Too bold of a statement? I don’t think so. If you use a standard bag that your pump comes with then you know that they make those just so that the pump and its parts fit inside. What about all of your work stuff? Your laptop, purse, lunch, diapers? Not mention trying to carry your baby…

And don’t get me started on fashion. You don’t have to be a super model to want a stylish bag. These bags from the pump manufacturers are not at all attractive. They design pumps, they are not the fashion police. You’re kickin’ life’s butt, you work, you nurture a baby, you pump for that baby, you take time to care for yourself, you do it all and you want to look good. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

I found Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags and you’re going to love it; fashionable, affordable, practical, great quality and roomy. I quit my job before my maternity leave ended, but I was getting prepared to go back. I worked as a therapist at a residential treatment center. This meant that I had to have a lot of paperwork with me at all times. I can tell you right now I am NOT going to carry a bunch of bags. I am way too busy for that. I thought back to all of the things that I needed to carry and put them on my table including my breast pump and all of the parts needed for pumping at work.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

We have the pump, flanges, bottles, cooler, laptop, notebook and purse. I loaded the “Lizzy” Breast Pump Bag and there was room to spare. I grabbed some kids’ books and slid them in. I grabbed the manual pump and boxes of storage bags and steam clean bags. No one travels with the whole box of those (or with big hard cover kids’ books for that matter), but I wanted to see how much I could stuff in that bag. There was still room left over. The equivalent of 2 more of the boxes of storage and steam bags. You all need to carry different stuff so you can imagine what you would need to put in there, maybe your lunch, diapers and wipes, toys, etc. It’ll fit.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

And this bag is cute! No one would ever guess that this is a breast pump bag. Not that you need to hide that you are pumping because pumping for your baby is nothing but pure awesomeness, but not everyone wants to advertise it all the time. The “Lizzy” transitions from a tote to a messenger bag. It has separate compartments at the bottom for your pump. You won’t need to be digging into a bottomless pit of a bag to get stuff out. But you can also reach in and push the bottom compartments down making it one large compartment. And when I discovered that I realized that this bag is not just for when you’re pumping. This bag is useful for anything and will last beyond your months or years of pumping. And it will indeed last because it is made with great quality stitching, zippers and fabric.

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