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Badass Breastfeeder of the Week; 2-24-14

police officer breastfeeding baby

I’m still BFing my 9 month old son.  I had to return to work when he was only 5 months.  I’m a police officer that is assigned to patrol.  My department never had a lactating patrol officer and they didn’t really know how to handle the situation.  It’s been rough pumping at work and I’m sad the federal law only covers me for one year so I will most likely dry up without pumping during my 12.5 hour shift.  I already have a low supply so I’m just dreading my son’s first birthday because that is when I will be forced to stop pumping at work. But I thought I would send this photo for you to post to encourage other police officers to pump at work.  I have found that the majority of female officers choose not to breastfeed because the law enforcement culture is not very supportive. I just ask that my name not be used. I blacked out the name of the police department because I don’t want to get into trouble. My mom brought my son to see me at work on my birthday as a surprise.  I was so happy to see him as I miss him so much at work and was excited about nursing him instead of having a pump session.