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Milk Supply Myths That Hurt Breastfeeding

I am always amazed at all the myths that still circulate about breastfeeding. At first glance they seem like an annoyance, but in reality they actually ruin breastfeeding relationships. When we do not have the correct information about what’s going on with our bodies and our babies we cannot possibly reach our breastfeeding goals!

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The Year Breastfeeding Goes Mainstream

It’s happening. The exposure that women have given to their breastfeeding harassment is climaxing. Women have had enough of being verbally abused, called “disgusting,” and being kicked out of restaurants, doctors’ offices, court rooms, playrooms, public pools and stores. We are sick of being bullied by businesses, having photos deemed pornographic, being told that we should expect to be abused if we are going to do “that” in public/without a cover/near children/near husbands/past infancy/etc. Breastfeeders all over the world are shedding the cover and coming out of hiding. The world is feeling our power.

Photo by Ivette Ivens

Photo by Ivette Ivens

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Increase Milk Supply; Advice From a Holistic Nutritionist

Apple-1Nathalie Norris from Glow Nutritional Consulting joined us for a live Facebook chat. We gathered all of that information and put it here for you to enjoy at your convenience. As a holistic nutritionist, Nathalie brings a unique perspective to the conversation of milk supply. In this empowering Q&A Nathalie addresses the common concerns of new mothers about whether she has enough milk to nourish her baby (hint, hint… YES!) and gives overall health tips to help mothers reach their health and breastfeeding goals.

Featured Recipe

Adrenal Nourishing Chickpea Salad: Click here for the video.

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