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Milk Supply Myths That Hurt Breastfeeding

I am always amazed at all the myths that still circulate about breastfeeding. At first glance they seem like an annoyance, but in reality they actually ruin breastfeeding relationships. When we do not have the correct information about what’s going on with our bodies and our babies we cannot possibly reach our breastfeeding goals!

Being a a parent is scary and we’re constantly worried if our baby is being nourished enough. When we are confronted with information about our milk supply that makes us feel like we are not making enough milk we are in danger of intervening when it’s not needed. Most of the time when we are told our supply is low it is not true. Our doctors, friends and mother-in-laws might mean well, but they are not trained lactation professionals. They might very well be spreading information that is not true.

If you truly suspect that you have low milk supply you must contact a lactation consultant that can help you figure out how to proceed. If you have soft breasts or your baby is fussy at the breast, don’t fret! These are not signs of low milk supply! If you don’t pump much milk or your baby is sucking down bottles faster than you can pump them, get in touch with a professional; these are not signs of low milk supply!

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