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I Love My Baby More Than You Love Your Baby:

How the On-Line Motherhood Support Community is Committing Mass Suicide

We love nothing more than to say we have this wonderful, global community of women designed to support each other in a way that many people in our daily lives have not. And yet, we shit on this very community every single day. Many times a day. All day. I am just about at my wits end with the woman on woman hating on the internet. Yes, I am talking about you. And I am talking about me. Every single one of us needs to take responsibility.

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Top Ten Reasons to Attend MommyCon

10. Find Your Mama Tribe: You will make friends. I mean you actually will make friends. The place is teeming with moms. They even have mom to mom contact cards lying around so that you can easily exchange contact information with the people you meet and want to see again. The atmosphere is tailored to celebrate all of the beauty in motherhood, to bring moms together who are in similar places in their parenting journey and to strengthen bonds between us. You’d think it was like a party for moms or something. Oh, wait… [Read more…]

The Impact of Mothers on the Breastfeeding Community

MommyCon attendee breastfeeding.

I was just browsing the MommyCon page enjoying the memories of a couple weeks ago when I saw this photo and its caption. I am 100% sure that the Admin who posted this does not know how amazing it is that they coupled this woman with their shout out about my appearance at the convention. THIS woman. [Read more…]

Notes from a Lousy Photographer (MommyCon Los Angeles, 2013)

By Josh Wilker

In my defense, it’s not very easy to take good pictures or videos while holding a wriggling human megaphone.

“Too youd!” yelled this human megaphone, also known as my two-year-old son, Jack. I was aiming my phone at his mom. You can’t tell in the resulting blurry photo, but Abby was up on a stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center, speaking through a microphone to a large room full of mothers and babies (and a few stunned fathers). Jack was right, it was pretty youd. The sound hit me as a good thing, the wide, warm buzz of people coming together, but Jack disagreed.


Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, speaking at MommyCon


“Go! This! Way!” he yelled. He spiked each syllable with a jerking full-body wiggle in the direction of the closest exit. (He views me primarily as a mule he can steer with his wiggles.) I tried to stand my ground for a moment and took a four-second video of my sneakers.

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Breastfeeding and Friendship by guest blogger Kristen

Kristen breastfeeding with her friend.

I just want to share my store in honor of National Breastfeeding week!

This is my best friend and I nursing our babies in oct of 2011. My daughter (Violette) an her son (Callan) were born 1 day apart. Having no luck breast feeding our other children, we were a good team in supporting each other throughout this journey. Both determine to succeed in solely breastfeeding, we had great success and formed a special bond around nursing our babies. [Read more…]

My Phone Interviews with The Boob Group

tbg-featured-smallListen to these interviews at The Boob Group!

Become a Badass Public Breastfeeder

Find Your Mama Tribe 


A Badass Is Born: Breastfeeding Advocacy

In March 2012 I started a Facebook page called The Badass Breastfeeder. 10 months later there are more than 14,000 fans, growing business opportunities, Mama Tribes around the world and a steady stream of Mamas reporting that they receive a unique type of support from this community. I spend my days monitoring comments, writing blog posts about my adventures in Attachment Parenting, studying the world of breastfeeding support and trying to fill the gaps, providing support on the page and brainstorming with my Admins on how to better support the Mamas. [Read more…]