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Breastfeeding and Friendship by guest blogger Kristen

Kristen breastfeeding with her friend.

I just want to share my store in honor of National Breastfeeding week!

This is my best friend and I nursing our babies in oct of 2011. My daughter (Violette) an her son (Callan) were born 1 day apart. Having no luck breast feeding our other children, we were a good team in supporting each other throughout this journey. Both determine to succeed in solely breastfeeding, we had great success and formed a special bond around nursing our babies.

Unfortunately in March of 2012 Callan passed away unexpectedly. Watching my friend in pain both emotionally and physically (from her milk abruptly having to dry up) was heartbreaking. There was nothing I could do or no words I could say to make anything better.

I continued nursing my daughter…appreciating this special gift we could share together more than ever. I never thought I could be so sad and so happy and blessed at the same time. It has really changed my perspective when it comes to these few weeks, months, or even years you have to breast feed your child. I am so glad I stuck it out when times got tough. I am so happy I ignored people questioning “how long” I would nurse. Most of all I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to have this day and every day with my daughter and I will never take that for granted!

So here I am today nursing my 2 year old. Yes, weaning is heavy on my mind, but I am still just enjoying the moments when she’s gazing into my eyes and twirling my hair…