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The Pink of Your Lips by guest blogger Stephanie

Guest blogger Stephanie breastfeeding

The pink of your sweet little lips
as you excitedly accept my nipple
will always be a reminder of the love
and attachment you have to breastfeeding.
However, gentle nursing is no longer the phrase
to describe the way you nurse a toddler.

The amazing life happening around your toddler
makes it difficult for those tiny lips
to stay front and center while enveloping your nipple.
They want to follow the running dog and love
to never let go all while barely breastfeeding.
Now “rubber nipple” is an appropriate phrase.

There is no possible way to phrase
the amount of love you feel when your toddler
sweetly caresses your face and lips
as they are sleepily suckling your nipple.
Moments like that you are overwhelmed with love
and appreciation for each day of breastfeeding.

A happy relationship of breastfeeding
is not always the proper phrase
used when you still nurse your toddler
as frequently as an infant. You thought those lips
would be more interested in food than your nipple.
Those times are a little more difficult to love.

The both of you can easily share your love
of exercise during your relationship of breastfeeding.
Nursing gymnastics is a commonly used phrase
to describe the spectacular positions your toddler
manages to get into all while never removing their lips
from the grasp they have on your nipple.

I never imagined that you would insist my nipple
was going to be the toy for nursing that you love
and throw tantrums when told no. Breastfeeding
is a beautiful thing, but nipple fiddling is a phrase
I would never have associated with nursing a toddler.
I didn’t realize fingers were involved, not just the lips.

Gentle or rough, your lips are welcome around my nipple.
I love our relationship of breastfeeding.
Mutually desired is a phrase for nursing my toddler.