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A Review of Baby Bee Hummingbirds Keepsake Jewelry

I love watching my kids grow up. I learn something new about them every day. But it also gives me pangs of sadness when I realize that each passing moment is history. I will never get this time back with them. I look at photos of my 4-year-old as a baby and I feel like I barely remember those days! My 16-month-old is toddling around and I will never hold his newborn body in my arms again, I will never feel that new-mom vulnerability, never feel the intensity of having a new baby completely dependent on me every moment. [Read more…]

A Review of Momzelle Breastfeeding Apparel

I love yoga pants and shelf bra tops, don’t get me wrong. But as I once again move out of the newborn days I find myself starting to dig out my nicer pre-pregnancy clothes. I don the expensive tops and stylish dresses and I am transported to the days when I spent an hour on my hair and makeup, slid up the thigh high stocking and slipped on my platform heels. I’m slapped back to reality by the crying and tugging at my feet. I pick up my beautiful baby boy and reach up to pull my top down to nurse him. *tugs on shirt* “oh yeah, I can’t nurse in this.” [Read more…]

Top Ten Reasons to Attend MommyCon

10. Find Your Mama Tribe: You will make friends. I mean you actually will make friends. The place is teeming with moms. They even have mom to mom contact cards lying around so that you can easily exchange contact information with the people you meet and want to see again. The atmosphere is tailored to celebrate all of the beauty in motherhood, to bring moms together who are in similar places in their parenting journey and to strengthen bonds between us. You’d think it was like a party for moms or something. Oh, wait… [Read more…]

Daddy Made Diapers Cloth Diaper Review

This is a review of 2 pocket cloth diapers made by Daddy Made Diapers out of Belding, MI.

I was initially impressed that a man was making these diapers. I typically hear of women making diapers. It doesn’t really matter to me who makes the diaper as long as the diaper is well made, but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless. [Read more…]

Review of gDiapers by The Badass!

When Jack was about 6 months old we went cloth. I was not at all that Mom who knew what she was going to do before her child was born. We used Target generic brand disposable diapers until I had spent enough time tapping into the “crunchy” side of my new self that I decided that I didn’t want those chemicals on his wiener. I want grandkids for crying out loud! I bought the cheapest cloth diapers I could find. I think they were made in China. Not long after I got them the elastic started to weaken and now they sag and his pee leaks out down his leg. His gDiaper is snug and it doesn’t leak. EVEN AT NIGHT!


Jack in his gdiaper


The transition to cloth was smooth since I knew this is what I wanted, but, man, it is really is a lot of laundry! [Read more…]

Dr. Jen’s Guide to Breastfeeding: A Book Review

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding her son.

In my opinion, Dr. Jennifer Thomas is often literally the final word in breastfeeding advocacy. In my group of Admins on my Facebook page, The Badass Breastfeeder, we have what we call a “Dr. Jen Smackdown.” This refers to responding to a question or comment with quotes or articles by Dr. Jen. This information generally brings the conversation/debate/argument to a complete stop, as there’s no way to deny the logic and scholarship of her work on breastfeeding. “Smackdown applied!” someone will message me when they just resorted to posting Dr. Jen’s material. [Read more…]