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Daddy Made Diapers Cloth Diaper Review

This is a review of 2 pocket cloth diapers made by Daddy Made Diapers out of Belding, MI.

I was initially impressed that a man was making these diapers. I typically hear of women making diapers. It doesn’t really matter to me who makes the diaper as long as the diaper is well made, but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless. [Read more…]

Review of gDiapers by The Badass!

When Jack was about 6 months old we went cloth. I was not at all that Mom who knew what she was going to do before her child was born. We used Target generic brand disposable diapers until I had spent enough time tapping into the “crunchy” side of my new self that I decided that I didn’t want those chemicals on his wiener. I want grandkids for crying out loud! I bought the cheapest cloth diapers I could find. I think they were made in China. Not long after I got them the elastic started to weaken and now they sag and his pee leaks out down his leg. His gDiaper is snug and it doesn’t leak. EVEN AT NIGHT!


Jack in his gdiaper


The transition to cloth was smooth since I knew this is what I wanted, but, man, it is really is a lot of laundry! [Read more…]