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Daddy Made Diapers Cloth Diaper Review

This is a review of 2 pocket cloth diapers made by Daddy Made Diapers out of Belding, MI.

I was initially impressed that a man was making these diapers. I typically hear of women making diapers. It doesn’t really matter to me who makes the diaper as long as the diaper is well made, but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless.

cloth diaper review

We had some mailing confusion in attempting to get the diapers into my possession and these were handled professionally and promptly. Our communication has been pleasant and respectful.

I felt that cloth-diaper-mama-happy-excited feeling when I opened the package and saw the patterns. They were bright and unique. The diapers do not include an insert, but can be purchased separately on his website. The stitching is clean and professional. It appears to be sturdy and has held up well through the laundry for the initial few cycles that I have owned them.

cloth diaper review

The diapers are priced in the average range starting from about $27 up to $30. I have struggled with most of my cloth diapers holding up over time; especially that inner thigh elastic. These diapers appear to have the same thin elastic band sewn inside. I have seen some diapers that appear to be reinforced with extra elastic or a thicker elastic band. Time will tell if these diapers hold up. With another baby on the way I have several years to test that out!

So far I am pleased with the diapers. They have moved to the top of the stack. I would recommend any cloth diaper family to add these to their collection. He also sells intactivist jewelry and keychains from his website.

Daddy Made Diapers can be found at www.daddymadediapers.com and on Facebook.

Abby Theuring, MSW

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