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A Family’s Transition to 4: A Collection

I discovered that more than half of my blog has been written sine becoming pregnant with my second child. It existed for a year and half before that. I always thought I had a lot to say, but I guess I have much more now! People often ask for specific posts regarding the transition of my family from 1 child to 2. It’s hard for even me to find certain things so I decided to put all of those highly emotional posts that documented the pregnancy, birth and transition into one post for everyone’s convenience.

The Badass Breastfeeder Got Knocked Up

Badass Breastfeeding and Pregnant

Gender Disappointment

I’m Planning a Homebirth

I’m Going to Eat My Placenta

My Nursing Aversion Episode

11 Birth Affirmations

Blood and All It’s Lessons

I’m Going to Miss You

X-Man: My Homebirth Story

Tandem Nursing and Other Adjustments

A Stranger Sitting in Your Safe Space

A Personal Account of Placenta Consumption

I Will not Wean My 3-Year-Old

In the Napping House Where Everyone But Me is Sleeping

I Forgot to Help My Newborn: Breastfeeding the Second Time

Breastfeeding Evolves

Suckin’ Me Dry

The Worst in Me

Time Travel

Teary Selfie