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11 Affirmations of Birth

Before Jack came along and I was introduced to the world of parenting I had never heard of things like midwives, doulas, home births or birth affirmations. I probably would have laughed at these things, called them “hippie” and said they had no place in modern society. Since then I have come to not only feel that they have more of a place in society than most of the things I went through giving birth to Jack, but also to feel a deep sense of empowerment as I internalize more of the values behind these concepts.

The more I learned about my body and my experience as a woman and mother the more I began to see that I did not truly trust my body to give birth. I did not trust my baby to come into this world naturally. I felt I, and all women, were dependent on authority to get us through birth safely even when there was no safety risk. I thought myself as a passive member in the birthing process. This brings me back to delivery with Jack. While doctors and nurses were yelling at me to push I was begging them to help me, to free me of this situation, to “get this thing out of me!” One of the doctors said that I needed to do it. That I was the only who could get the baby out. It made me feel afraid. I couldn’t do that! I was “under” their care for 9 months. I had little to say in the decisions being made about me along the way. I was never consulted on any decision or procedures, but when it came right down to it they couldn’t do anything for me. This didn’t make sense! If they knew all along I was the only one who could get the baby out then why wasn’t I prepared for this? Why didn’t they tell me that? Why wasn’t I given some tools to do it?

My second child is due in 5 weeks. Since Jack was about 1 year old I knew that if I was lucky enough to get pregnant again I would do things very differently. I have since come to see birth in the US as being in a state of crisis. Birth has become a profitable business where policy and protocol take precedence over the empowering experience birth is supposed to be for a mother. Policy, protocols and procedures have taken birth from a natural process to a factory assembly line with strangers in a position of authority over our bodies. I am now planning a homebirth. I have done a lot of work on my perspective of my body and spirit in order to prepare for this. I know now that I truly am the only one who can birth this baby and that is how it should be. I have built a team of people who respect the power of my body and who genuinely believe that I am capable of doing this without their intervention. They have built me up from the start, have consulted with me on every decision along the way and recognize me as the authority in my birth. They see me as an individual with individual needs with my own unique desires and needs to make this birth an empowering one. I have done deep self-reflection and examined the emotional barriers that I will face going into this. A major tool for me has been birth affirmations.

Birth affirmations are deeply personal and unique for each birthing mother. As I began this post I imagined that I would explain what each one means to me, but I realize now that each one deserves their own post. Over the next fews weeks I will take each one and open up about what it means to me and my next birthing experience.























Abby Theuring, MSW


  1. to be in control of the situation AND to surrender sounds contradictory, but we must believe both, I think.

    • Being in control of ourselves, that no one is in control of us, no one will hurt us, no one can take advantage of us… To surrender because we are safe, because the experience is safe and real, because our bodies know what they are doing. It’s difficult when these affirmations are so deeply personal and shaped around our own experiences, fears, barriers, etc. Humans are often contradictory. We are so complicated.

  2. I told myself most of these affirmation words… specially: I am not going to die. I had a wonderful midwife how told at birth that I have to listen to my body and do whatever it tells me to do. In the next morning with my baby between my arms I realized I had a wonderful birth experience and a healthy baby… I decided that I want and can birth another baby!

  3. this is so empowering, beautiful, amazing and terrifying (for me). as someone who wants nothing more to have a positive birth experience with my second (whenever that will be) baby, given that my first was traumatizing, i thank you for sharing this. as a mother who wants a vbac and who is terrified of living another horrifying birth, i thank you.
    your honesty throughout your journey has been so wonderful to watch and read. your vulnerability is just as real as the rest of ours… and you are brave and amazing to share it with us.
    i will most likely shed a few tears of happiness (and relief) once i see a picture of you having the marvelous experience that you chose… but more importantly, with your newborn in your arms.
    xox Abby! as we say in French “merde!” or “good luck!” 🙂

  4. Michelle says

    Along with these I said “my body was made to do this” and my hubs and doula really enforced my other mantra “I am a rock star!” Our water birth was amazing with the good attitude I brought with me. I really think attitude is everything. Good luck, I’m so excited for your new experience.

  5. How is it that 5 years later, this post is still relevant and so needed. Thankn you for shining some light on the experience of birth trauma and for showing the meaning of the more crunchy values. My first birth was almost the same as yours, except for ended in a c section. I felt like such a victim in the whole day. I had the privilege of doing it again and had an amazing vbac experience.

    Here’s to continuing the shift to a sustainable birth culture and positive experience to mothers who come behind us.

    Thought I would share these affirmations as well incase anyone else stumbles across this little gem and needs it just like I have.

    Thank you for the work you are doing and have done over the years.

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