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Teary Selfie


Today I’m taking a teary selfie. After 3 hours of breastfeeding, crying, yelling and stress Jack finally fell asleep. You see, he has to share me now and it’s got us all turned upside down. Jack nurses to sleep. All the time. We’ve tried to change this since nursing aversion set in, but Jack is not taking to it very well. Today we tried nursing to sleep for his nap, but I just couldn’t deal with it anymore when he wasn’t asleep after 30 minutes. I had to stop. Jack freaked out, crying and yelling. This woke up Exley. Now I had to tend to both of them. It was a mess. Jack got more and more tired, more and more upset and we all lost our shit. He was begging to nurse, but today I’m just feeling the aversion so bad. All of the work we have done toward weaning/boundaries seems useless with Jack, my sensitive little boy. He cried so much for me. Finally I got Exley to sleep again and put Jack in the carrier. He liked this and quickly fell sleep. I doubt he was far from passing out anyway. I checked Facebook as I walked around and read the comments under “I Am Going to Miss You” that I shared earlier. I decided to read it again. And now I’m crying. All over again. The mess of this afternoon fresh in my mind. Hugging this boy who needs me so much. This boy whose life is changing so rapidly. He must be so confused. Everything is so different now. Just as I knew it would be. The adjustment to a family of 4 is still here for us. We’re struggling. Some days are good, some bad. Today terrible. My tears are dripping onto Jack’s cheeks. Mixing with his own. We’re holding on tight to each other. It all seems so hard, so chaotic. I worry so much that I’m not enough for him.


Abby Theuring, MSW


  1. Oh, I feel like I am right there with you my dear! Sending big hugs your way. I have a 4month old and nearly 3 year old and I understand these kind of days so well. I take one day at a time and hug them both tight when it gets hard and tell myself it will get better.

  2. You are my inspiration, not just because of this post, but because you are so generally awesome. I have a 19 month old boy, Tommy, who is still nursing. We want to expand our family at some point (no idea when), but I keep crying about losing bits of my little boy after his sister or brother is born. Part of me wants to keep him as an only child!

  3. Thank you Badass Breastfeeder for sharing your journey so truthfully. I feel the heartbreak and it really helps me making my own personal choices with a 2 yr old. Your tears and pain show us how hard good nurturing parenting truly is.

    I’ve followed your breastfeeding journey with sweet Jack and perhaps that’s why your tears feel so near to me. Hang in there which surely you will. They don’t come anymore badass than you.

  4. lisa reyes says

    My almost 19month old will not consider weaning! I have nursed him the longest of all my children. First child 7 months and she weaned herself (i was 16). Next one a lil over a year. I just went cold turkey one night and the next day she was fine. My youngest my son…. does not want to give up the breast but i am ready. How do i get him to skip breastfeedings.

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