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Nursing Queen Breastfeeding Clothes; Review and Giveaway!

It’s true, when you have a brand new baby you don’t think much about what you look like. You’re just trying to survive. It’s still sinking in that this little baby needs you to survive so that they can survive. That’s heavy duty stuff. So, while you’re not much in the mindset of what’s currently in style, it’s a total myth that moms never care. We make jokes about living in yoga pants and never showering, but the truth is that we still want something stylish to wear that’s functional for our new role – like a great nursing top or dress.

I’ve worn many brands of nursing clothes but most of them moved on when I weaned. Not so with Nursing Queen.

I have been wearing this Nursing Queen nursing sweatshirt non-stop since I got it last month. I feel stylish and put together. Who doesn’t need a little help feeling like they have it together?

Nursing Queen has a relaxed fit so you don’t need to buy a bigger size to be comfortable. This sweatshirt fits true to size, and is made with a soft, comfy cotton. It also has POCKETS.

Why can’t every sweatshirt have pockets?! I have 2 boys. I constantly need to respond to real life emergencies. Sometimes I look at my phone and hear, “HELP ME MOMMY!!!!” because one of them has gotten himself into something he can’t get out of. I put my phone down (because my sweatshirt has no pockets!) and when I come back, I can’t find it for an hour. Because who can remember anything, even what they were JUST DOING when they have kids?

I don’t feel like people get how important pockets are for people with children. But Nursing Queen gets it, and I love it when people get it.

Nursing Queen breastfeeding clothes, including this striped nursing tee, have a hidden horizontal zipper under the chest that pulls from both sides all the way across. One boob out? Both out? Your choice!

Some of their styles also have lift-up flaps like their nursing bathing suit top. Am I the only one who will whip a boob out anytime, anywhere, but would die a slow death if my stomach is exposed? This nursing tankini is awesome for the beach or pool (or spiced up as a top) because breastfeeders are not always at home on the couch. We are living life, soaking up the sun with our beautiful and sexy selves!

I nursed both of my boys for 6.5 years and tandem nursed for 3.5 years. I know what nursing moms want. All we need is stylish clothing, with easy breastfeeding access, good quality stitching, comfortable material and not to break the bank! After writing that out, it actually does seem like a tall order. But Nursing Queen is delivering just that. I love Nursing Queen and so will you and you have a chance to win the striped nursing t-shirt by CLICKING HERE and another chance by CLICKING HERE!! And you can use promo code BADASS for 10% off your purchase at www.nursingqueen.com.