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Transgender Breastfeeding

We have received many messages since launching the “Sometimes Badass Breastfeeding Looks Like This…” graphic series on Facebook. Last week we were contacted by a fan in Germany who wanted to share her family’s truly unique story.

Transgender breastfeeding

“My name is Tabea, I live in Germany. Maybe our family’s attitude is something for the badasses, too. My baby’s daddy is transgender, feels kind of half man half woman. The picture shows him feeding our son, Bela, some weeks ago, it’s my milk I pumped to enable him to feel the joy of breastfeeding a child. As I personally don’t feel the milk flowing out of my breasts, I guess it’s quite close to feeling like a breastfeeding mother. We do so from time to time, when I had to go to the dentist in a case of emergency it was very helpful to have breastmilk in the deep-freezer so he could have it. We don’t give him my milk like this in public.”