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In the Napping House Where Everyone But Me is Sleeping

You’ve had those days. I know you have. Where you are so tired. No, no. Like more tired than you ever thought was humanly possible and still be alive. So tired. Just so flippin’ tired. And you know there are people in the world who are sleeping and you hate them with intense passion. Just the thought that another human being gets to be sleeping makes you so spiteful. How dare they sleep while you, the most tired person on the entire face of the Earth, has to stay awake. So tired that you have bumped into several pieces of furniture and a few walls and door frames. Tomorrow your hips and shins will be covered in bruises. So tired that you don’t have control over your body anymore. You drop everything you pick up. You’re a little bit afraid to pick up the newborn for fear you just won’t be able to hold on. You’re so tired you find that you have been staring at the cartoons with your toddler for like 2 hours. Maybe. You aren’t quite sure how much time has passed. And you don’t even let him watch endless amounts of TV, but who really gives a fuck today? Mommy, can I have some ice cream. Sure. I’ll get it. Have we eaten breakfast yet? Is it lunchtime? I don’t know. And after dropping the spoon several times and knocking all the bowls out of the cabinet you hand your toddler like 5 scoops of ice cream. At least someone is happy. You sit back down. Stare at your phone. Post some things on Facebook. Oh man, I hope I didn’t post that on my actual wall. What am I saying? People will think I am drunk. Suddenly you look up and around at the people in the room. And this is what you see.


Do I look annoyed?

Abby Theuring, MSW


  1. Michelle says

    OH SO been there! ((hugs)) (and I’m not a touchy feely person…but WOW do I send hugs – if for no other reason than to prop you up so you can sleep on your feet for a few seconds) 🙂 Just hit 1st birthday with the littlest….so sleep is a bit more frequent…but now we’re teething (and I say WE because…I’m sleeping with one eye open waiting for those little “I think I’m teething…so let me nip down a bit harder as I fall asleep” moments that make me be SUDDENLY WIDE AWAKE 🙂 ) So..I’ll also send a badass salute – fist pump in the air 🙂 to all the survivors out there 🙂 All those existing on negative amounts of sleep. <3

  2. Been there, not much to say really – just sending hugs. You’re doing amazingly, your children are amazing and you help so many other people while being the fab Mum you are! I have great admiration for you, keep going 🙂 xxx

  3. I don’t mean to laugh, because it is NOT FUNNY. But, I laughed because I’ve been there and I’ve felt those exact feelings. Bless your heart!!! It’ll get better momma 🙂

  4. Rochelle Brooks says

    So been there. Love you lady!

  5. jaimie mills says

    The first month after my twins were born are a blur. I know how you feel. Im actually feeling pretty accomplished at having two alive and happy babies here at almost 4 months of double the fun. There were nights my husband didn’t wake up with me to help change and burp them and I just sat there nursing two babies, staring at him while he slept and using all my self control not to whack him with a pillow so he could share in the tiredness.

  6. mel jefferson says

    I love your honesty. I am in the same place as I type this. I’m so tired I would do unspeakable things for a solid 8 hours sleep but reading your post gets me through these moments. I think of all the other mummy’s out there and take comfort knowing I’m not alone and one day I will get sleep. I still feel like smothering my partner with a pillow as I listen to him snore lol.

  7. Sarah Noggle says

    Oh have I been there! My hubby is a napper and one if those people who has to get 9 hours to function and still complains that he’s tired. So for that reason, and because I only work part-time, I’ve done all night duty with our son. When our son was a few months old, I was awake nursing him at like 4AM. I was about to go back to sleep when hubby complains that he can’t sleep because “he napped too much today”. He then asked me to rub his back to help him fall back asleep. I almost kicked him instead!

  8. Stephanie says

    I have an almost 15 month old who still doesn’t sleep. Not only did we uproot him a month ago but he’s teething canines and molars all at the same time… I may not have a newborn but I’m feeling your pain. Maybe we can give each other a virtual hug and fall asleep standing? Hope it gets easier soon.

  9. joley payne says


  10. adrianne says

    Boy am I there right now, I have a 2 week old and a 16 month old. Besides my 2 week being a normal baby up every 2 hrs feeding my 16 month old has decided that in between feedings he feels the need to cry and sleep with his mom. We are hanging on, but barely! I keep telling myself it only gets easier!

  11. Me too! I’ve got an almost 3 month old and a 21 month old. The baby wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat and the toddler comes in our room about 3 nights a week, he can never seem to wake up when I’m feeding the baby, always in between! I’m back at work now and thank goodness I have good coworkers and a nice boss who are patient with me when I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep(broken up in 3 sessions).

  12. You do. 🙂 My man is like yours every evening! Exact situation with our two girls (3years & 2months- both breastfeed)….I had to laugh out loud when I read this. Hugs from germany <3

  13. Jennifer says

    I used to say I wanted a dream spa vacation filled with massages, chocolate, wine, and romantic walks on the beach.

    These days I’d settle for eight uninterrupted hours at the local Motel 6.

    I don’t think I’d even care if they changed the sheets first :/

  14. Chlosmom says

    Currently experiencing this now. I’m breastfeeding, good right?! While my husband gets to sleep all night and gets mad if he is disturbed. Are you flipping kidding me?! Yeah I can relate and am annoyed! Lol

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  16. Whatz is this sleepnyou speak of? I would love to try it out! I have a 7 year old cuddle bug and a 17 month old snuggler that still wants the boob in his mouth every hour or 2. How dare I leave him sleeping all alone. He wakes up and creeps to me withing 2 hours. If I stay with him, he still wakes up. I want tonstretch out and sleep for 4 hours, straight!!

  17. youngmommy says

    I totally can relate. It is happening right now.

  18. I get SO mad at my husband when he falls asleep or says he is going to take a nap lol we both work full time, but I still am the primary parent since lo prefers me.

  19. Pretty sure I’ve been like this everyday since my youngest was born. And when I see my husband napping while I’m dealing with kids I want to throw things at him. I feel you. Going on 9 months of having to worry about 2 kids and 18 months of messed up sleep. Gotta love not getting rest before you reach the land of no sleep ever!!!
    I just hope it gets better for everyone involved!

  20. Oh! This was my house this afternoon…..I could crawl out of my skin im soooo tired

  21. Oh yes I have been tired like this, I am tired like this most days in fact…. the kids (aged 2 & 3) have sometimes fallen asleep in the back of the car on the way to the park and seeing them sleeping makes me feel sleepy…I have been known to pull up into a car park where I dont think anyone can see me to try and sneak a little nap myself….nah cant do it. It doesn’t help that I am also juggling a nursing degree and dealing with a separation, oh and the 2 year old still wakes in the night, every night. YAWN.

  22. Ugh I feel you… oh the rage…

  23. Nobody asked anyone anything, Tasha…. And if what I said upset you so much that you felt the need to lash out on me like a child, I would like to apologize to you for whichever situation you are in that would make you ack so childish. I do however hope you find your Pease 🙂 and to anyone else who took offence to my comment, it was not meant to offend, only to provide a different point of view. 🙂

    Good read Abby!

  24. My 17 month old still wakes up frequently at night. A good night is twice a night. I also had insomnia with her pregnancy. On days where she actually sleeps WELL, magically my 4 year old ALWAYS has nightmares on those nights. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over 2 years. I’ve become extremely bitter about it. People that can drop their kids off at their parent’s or cousins’ or whatever are SO LUCKY! I know exactly where you are momma.

  25. oh man am I there today (most days but today in particular) I put formula is the coffee maker this morning, my 8mth old twins were up all night…..just for dream feeds ugg…….all my other kids were self weening and sleeping thru the night around this time so this is uncharted territory for me…so tired……

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