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10 Things I Hate About Breastfeeding

It’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month 2017 baby! And I am here to rant about things I cannot stand about breastfeeding! Why? Because this is hard. Breastfeeding is really hard! It’s magical and empowering and all that stuff but I need all you new parents and parents struggling right now to know that you will not like everything about breastfeeding. And that’s OK! We do a disservice to each other when we wash over the negative feelings that breastfeeding can bring us. We can find comfort and community in the tough things that we deal with just like with any other journey in life. It’s the secret to our success. So let’s get to it. 10 things I hate about breastfeeding!

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My Nursing Aversion Episode

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My Nursing Aversion Episode 




Ask an Expert: Lipase

by Robin Kaplan, IBCLC

Fan Question:

“Apparently I may have ‘lipase’!! I have 400 oz in my freezer my babes (twins) won’t take? I’m bawling and depressed, my only relief is I’ve been told I may be able to donate??? Can anyone give me advice on this issue and going about donating? TIA” [Read more…]

Ask an Expert: Oversupply

by Anne Smith, IBCLC

Fan Question:

“I have an over supply problem. Any suggestions as to how to correct this?” [Read more…]

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER)

By guest blogger Nichole

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would breastfeed.  My mother nursed all of her children; to me, it always seemed normal, blasé, even.  (I have a sister who is six years younger than me, and I vividly remember trying to catch milk like raindrops when I would take showers with my mother and she would let down.)  [Read more…]

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC Answers Questions About Breastfeeding Struggles

Q&A with Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC 11-20-13

QUESTION 1: My milk supply for my 4-mo-old is decreasing despite taking fenugreek and pumping. Any advice? I’m not ready to give up!

NANCY MOHRBACHER, IBCLC: I’m glad you reached out. You’ll be happy to know that milk production is a hardy process. Even mothers who have never been pregnant have brought in milk for adopted babies! You just need to know how it works. First, despite popular belief, drinking water and improving your diet does not affect milk production. Your body knows how much milk to make by the number of milk removals (breastfeeds plus pumps) each day and how fully the milk is removed. (Drained breasts make milk faster and full breasts make milk slower.) If you breastfeed your baby on cue, your baby will do this for you automatically without you even having to think about it. For most women, 7 or 8 milk removals per 24 hours are enough to keep supply steady. Fewer removals usually mean decreasing milk supply. More than 8 or 9 usually stimulate a gradual milk increase. Taking fenugreek or other herbs will not help if you’re not removing the milk often or well enough. For more on how individual differences among mothers affect this and how to use this info to keep up milk production after you’re back at work, see my posts on the Magic Number concept. [Read more…]