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Breastfeeding with a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) by guest blogger Jessica

Jessica breastfeeding with a supplemental nursing system (SNS)I tried so very hard to keep her just breastfed, but I didn’t have enough tissue. She dropped her birth weight and for almost 4 weeks continued to be underweight. I was forced to start supplementing.  So while I worked on building my milk up (while everyone around me told me I was killing my baby by not just putting her on a bottle.) I used a supplement feeding device to keep her at my breast and to stimulate more milk production by sucking.

I want to give other mothers hope to not quit, even if they are having set backs. The bond of breastfeeding is amazing. When I was forced to give her a bottle the first time she greedily gulped it down, she had been starving at my breast and I had been nursing her nonstop day and night hoping to stimulate my milk.  I felt jealous of the bottle and betrayed by my breast. I should be able to give her everything she needs! Not some plastic device!

My mom, boyfriend, and his mother all told me to give up and bottle feed her. I refused to give up but did supplement. She gained a pound in one week.

Everyone still thought I was crazy for trying to give her the little milk that I had, that it was a waste of time and she was just sucking air. My own mother told me my milk was dried up.

I have been working with a lactation consultant and not giving up. To all the other mommies out there, don’t give up, encourage others along the way.  Share your setbacks and your tricks of success.

I never gave up, still trying!!