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ABC Kids Expo – Vegas Baby!

Do you have baby items that you can’t live without? Items that you think are absolute crap? Items that you wish someone would finally invent?

I am headed to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas October 18 to 21, 2015. It is a giant trade show on 1 million square feet with over 12,000 attendees and more than 3,000 booths. Anything you can think of maternity, breastfeeding, baby and kid related will be under this one roof.


The Badass Breastfeeder has always been of the more natural parenting flavor where many of these items are looked down on as creating distance from our children or useless ways for companies to make money off of moms. But let’s be honest. We all need some stuff when we have a baby. We all have different needs and products play a huge part in this. It takes a village to raise a child, but who lives in a village? Not me! I live in a big city, Chicago to be exact, and I need, like really need, certain things to get through my day with 2 kids.

I have said before that there many products I would never purchase again in a million years. But there are things that I buy over and over and would recommend in a heartbeat. A bassinette, jogging stroller, umbrella stroller, car seats, carriers, cloth diapers, a pump, toys, nursing wear, maternity wear, diaper cream, nipple cream, baby clothes, I could just keep typing. And not to mention the stuff that we don’t need at all, but it makes life a bit easier or it just plain makes us happy.

I will be on the hunt for products that I think are super cool and I am positive that my mind will be blown at the stuff I never knew existed. I assure you that every last thing I present to you is designed to make your life easier and will not in any way undermine your breastfeeding relationship. I have joined the Best for Babes C.A.R.E. Code Alliance. This means that any product presented on The Badass Breastfeeder is WHO Code complaint. I do this to protect healthy infant feeding for you and your children.