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ABC Kids Expo – That’s a Wrap!

I attended ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. My headache from flashing lights, loud music and the dinging of slot machines has finally gone away. I can now think back to what I saw and share some of it with you. You have to understand that there were thousands of products being displayed and I cannot possibly tell you about them all. I can’t even swear I am going to remember everything I saw. I had a 16-month-old baby with me after all! But here we go. A few of my favorite things from ABC.

nuroo pocket

1. NuRoo – The NuRoo Pocket is a babywearing shirt that allows mom to be hands free and practice skin-to-skin. Skin-to-skin provides endless benefits to new moms and new babies. I used this with my second son and loved the closeness and convenience it provided.

wellmom breast pillow by upspring2. Wellmom Breast Pillow from Upspring – I have heard from countless women that they are not able to breastfeed hands free because they have to hold their breast. Breastfeeding hands free is all about getting comfortable and this little pillow just might help give moms that lift that they need to let go!


3. DockATot – This is one of the most unique items I found at ABC. It’s so multifunctional I don’t even know what to call it. Bed? Napper? Lounger? Play station? Cosleeper? It’s all of these things and more. Used for napping, cosleeping, playing, tummy time, changing, bed transitioning, the uses never stop. I have an extended review of this product coming down the line so stay tuned!

belli skin care

4. Belli Skin Care – This line of skin care products focuses on safe ingredients for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Allergy tested, paraben/dye/fragrance free, and effective in treating common skin care issues that occur during these sensitive times in a mom’s life. I use this product on my face and will continue!



5. Kid-o-Bunk – I sorted through like a bazillion press releases in preparation for this expo and when I saw this product I made a point to visit their booth. It’s a portable bunk bed with 3 positions; bunk bed, couch and side by side cots. It was invented by the owners of Disc-o-Bed who make a similar adult bed for military, refugees and campers. You don’t need any tools or mattresses and it comes with everything you need to transport to wherever you are going. Perfect for indoors and out. I will be surprised if these don’t end up in my parents’ house at some point.


6. Crane – This is the company that makes those adorable humidifiers in the fun colors and awesome animal shapes. I had a fantastic conversation with these ladies about how confusing new motherhood is and how many mothers mistake newborn congestion with colds. Moisturizing the air is helpful in so many ways for both babies and adults. I have an extended review of this product coming down the line as well!

itzy ritzy

7. Itzy Ritzy – These wonderful people make just about everything! Undeniably adorable patterns on nursing scarves, reusable lunch pouches, car seat canopies, reusable nursing pads, chewelry, wet bags, shopping cart covers, high chairs covers, rolling suitcase, kid’s backpack, phew! I am not even done! They are truly owning it.


8. Motherlove Herbal Company – I had the pleasure of having dinner with Kathryn Higgins, founder of Motherlove. She spoke of living off the land, growing herbs, concocting her own medicines and sharing them with her friends. Now her children run the company with as much care and passion. I use these products with my own children because I never have to question their safety. This company’s birth may have been an accident, but their success is most definitely not.

udderly hot mama

9. Udderly Hot Mama – Owned by a beautiful and badass breastfeeding mama who knows a thing or two about fashion and functionality, this company is putting out some pretty wicked tops and dresses. I am a huge sucker for affordable and fashionable nursing clothing. I mean why can’t we finally get some good stuff for ourselves? I’m looking forward to wearing that dress!


10. Rumina – Hands free pumping and nursing bras and tanks. Stop holding the flanges of a pump to your boobs while trying to wrangle your child with your knees. These items give you freedom and comfort. The ladies at Rumina are dedicated to education and are constantly thinking up ways to support working moms. I received one of these tanks last year and it has already been updated! I just love a company that has to get it right. 


11. Ju-Ju-Be – Diaper bags have just gone to another dimension. The styles don’t stop and the patterns won’t quit. And now they have moved on to purses, handbags, tote bags, shopping bags, laptop bags. You are not going to be able to get enough of these bags!

bebe au lait

12. Bebe au Lait – This company is a Jack of all trades. They make breastfeeding pillows, blankets, swaddles, laundry bags and hooded towels. I was especially impressed with the various options for nursing covers. Every woman has her own comfort level with nursing in public and this company allows the mother to choose for herself. I am a firm believer in covering, if that is what mom wants. I am happy that there are options for mothers to make their own decisions about their bodies.

the original squeeze

13. The Original Squeeze – This is a reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout. It is also freezer safe so you can make up all your smoothies at the beginning of the week, sneak in your health food or supplements and pop one out each day on your way out the door! Genius.

mixed pears


14. Mixed Pears – The newest item from this company, Suitables, is their line of full coverage bibs with awesome character designs, but I am still not over the Bitesizers portable food scissors. I am so happy to not have to wash my hands 7 times during dinner and the built in size guide is perfect for new parents introducing solids.

b sensible

15. B Sensible – This company manufactures hypoallergenic and waterproof bed sheets and pillow cases. This is perfect for the potty training phase and for bed sharing families. I have to admit I have been quite nervous about the diaperless nights on our expensive mattress since we are a bed sharing family. This was a great find!

green toys

16. Green Toys – You know these toys already but they are worth mentioning. 100% recycled plastic, safe for our kids and safe for our planet. Their website has a great ticker counting the number of milk jugs they have used to make their toys. When I was there it was just under 38 million. That is a lot less plastic in our oceans.

sleep belt

17. Sleep Belt – This is a hands free skin to skin support wrap. It also helps mom be able to take those important cat naps during the 4th trimester without being nervous about baby sliding around. It’s also being used in hospitals and NICUs!


18. Kangacare – Someone will have to pry the tokidoki Rumparooz from my cold dead hands. This is the company with the patented inner gusset for preventing leaks. They also make the Lil Joey newborn diapers, diaper covers, EcoPsoh (made from recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton), wet bags, liners and so much more!


19. Ardo – Best breastpump on the market. Hands down. Swiss made, WHO Code compliant, FDA approved, closed system, and proven to be the quietest. The people that run this company are absolutely stellar and believe 100% in this pump.

earth mama angel baby

20. Earth Mama Angel Baby – These are the perfect products for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby care. All zero toxins, organic, non GMO, safe for mom, safe for baby. Squirt some of the Orange Vanilla Baby Wash into your hand and you’ll never go back. Peace, Love and Nipple Butter.


21. Boba – This carrier company does it all. Wraps, soft structured carriers, covers, doll carriers. They focus on education about babywearing and offer tons of support. The patterns and the colors will have you babywearing drunk!


22. Majamas – Sounds like this company makes pajamas for moms, right? It’s true, but it doesn’t stop there. I was surprised to see just how stylish the nursing clothes, maternity wear, sleepwear and baby clothes were. I am absolutely in love with this company! I want everything they make. They also sell body care products, breast pads, toys, swaddle blankets, wraps, slings, the list goes on for everything you’ll need during the baby making years.

Peace out! Thanks for an awesome show, ABC Kids Expo! Until next year.