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“You’re a Badass”

By Badass Michaella

So my family and I were at Applebee’s for dinner (Muskegon Michigan location on Sherman blvd) and Carter(my son 5 mo) was screaming because he was ready to eat, so I started nursing him not even thinking about it.. Later after everyone ate the waitress comes to me and says someone paid my bill.. Later she brings me this. The family had left before I could say anything. Thank you to that family! I plan to pay it forward to the next badass breast feeding mommy (this happened 1/23/14 around 7:30p).


Badasses write notes to each other


  1. That’s so cool!! You’re starting a tribe of badass breastfeeders! I have to say, here in Australia, I can breastfeed my baby (ahem, toddler) pretty much anywhere I want to without thinking twice… BUT, I’m American and I know that it’s sadly not the case over there!

  2. Way to help a mama feel supported. I’m totally going to start doing this.

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