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U Boost is the First Breast Pump Booster to Help Moms Pump More Milk

Our names are Susan and Elizabeth and we have children whose ages are similar to the Badass Breastfeeder. We’ve watched her spread her messages for breastfeeding advocacy, which we’ve loved to support because we’ve had a parallel path – to revolutionize breastfeeding for new mothers through new technologies.

Over the past 6 years, we have worked hard with a dedicated team to develop new breastfeeding technologies that will help mothers achieve their personal feeding goals more effectively. Our new compression and vibration technology is rooted in scientific understanding of breast physiology, clinical data supporting the importance of hands on pumping and vibration as well as hundreds of hours of testing for a diverse group of volunteer testers. Our first product, U Boost, helps to increase your milk output.

The beauty of U Boost is the simplicity. Since it is taboo to have pictures or videos of breasts producing milk- not to mention trying to model them when there are so many different shapes and sizes, we have Susie – a mannequin we made for a NY design exhibit called “I Will What I Want: Woman, Design, and Empowerment.” Susie took a lot of time to make and may be a little frightening, but she demonstrates how U Boost works quickly and easily. Take a look here –

U Boost is the first hands-free breast pump booster that can be used in conjunction with any standard breast pump to improve lactation and milk output by an average of 30-40 percent. The universal design works with every style of breast pump and most breast sizes. Mothers position U Boost against the chest in contact with the dense area of mammary glands. The booster then stimulates the mammary glands with compression (or squeezing) and vibration and works in concert with the suction of the breast pump.

U Boost

U Boost is very easy to use – the simple squeezing action of the vibrating fingers is controlled by the user. Moms can squeeze the breast using a simple locking/unlocking button mechanism that opens and closes the vibrating fingers towards and away from the breast.

Initial studies found that 90 percent of testers felt that U Boost improved their pumping experience, and 80 percent noticed a significant increase in milk expression. Additionally, in a well-controlled, institutional review board approved clinical trial, funded by the National Institute of Health, testers saw an average of 30-40 percent more milk removed with U Boost then without.

U Boost

Now is the time to claim your first edition U Boost on Kickstarter by November 28th. The makers of U Boost are on a mission to revolutionize breastfeeding technology and firmly believe that U Boost will help new mothers better achieve their personal feeding goals. The U Boost team is working hard to spread the word and get the product into the hands of moms – through pre-order and donating to partnerships at community lactation centers. Test, donate or pre-order one today.