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The Big Birth Giveaway

In less than 1 month I will be welcoming a new baby into my life. You all have touched my life in such a deep and profound way that I want to share this event with you. I want to invite you to enter this giveaway for a change to win all of these amazing prizes from supportive and Badass sponsors that help keep this mission alive. I must limit this to US entires only, I hope you understand. Please enter to win and then tell me what winning this prize package would mean to you!



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  1. This literally would mean everything to me! We are a single income family right now, and I’ve been interested in ALL of these products, but right now cannot afford anything but the absolute necessities. I can’t even imagine how much help it would be to win something like this. Words cannot explain how meaningful this would be, and how absolutely grateful I’d be!!

  2. Helise Manson says

    My first bubba is arriving in 3 months! This would mean so much to me especially the milk cookies to help me breastfeed and the carrier so I can wear bubs round while getting a few things done around the house. My mum passed away 3 years ago so its a scary time for me to be having this baby without her here to show me the ropes but im looking so forward to motherhood and making the best life for my son and I!

  3. jessica fulford says

    Thank you

  4. This is such an awesome prize package. We are getting ready to welcome baby#3 in August, and I’m looking forward to the beginning of another newborn journey. My 1st breastfeeding journey was a little bumpy, we dealt with reflux and dairy intolerances/reactions, and worked really hard through the first 9 months before making the decision to stop breastfeeding.
    My 2nd breastfeeding journey has been much easier, and at 17 months, we are still going strong. I’m thankful for the support of good friends, but also the information and knowledge that blogs and websites like yours provide.
    I very much hope that my 3rd breastfeeding journey will be as smooth as the second, this prize package would certainly get it off to a great start!

  5. Winning would mean I get the Lillebaby and I could give day care the Ergo I have now so lo might actually nap there and not come home a wildebeest!

  6. Jeannine says

    I would love to have these Products because they are the things I would love to use this time to help with breast feeding. Those cookies look so yummy. This is my last child and hope to make it special.

  7. Courtney M says

    As a stay at home mom it gets difficult to purchase amazing gadgets for me and my bubs. I’ve been searching for an amazing carrier for him and would just love to go to MommyCon!!!!

    • Amber Koenig says

      I would love to win these great gifts! They all look so great. I am a stay at home mom pregnant with our 4th child;) I have breastfed all my children and there are not any words for the love and ability to be blessed to be able to do that! My son is 13 and has cerebral palsy, out oldest daughter is almost 8, and our youngest daughter is almost 4, our 3rd daughter is due between her sisters birthdays in August;) After each child we expected to be done having children based on our circumstances and have had to start over each time. We are stubborn and have finally decided to trust the Lord and handed our hearts and womb over to him. We are so thankful and blessed to have each child and would appreciate each and every item giveaway;)

  8. I would love to win cause all of the items would help me to continue my breastfeeding journey. Also the the badass gear gift set will help to show my support on breastfeeding to the world!

  9. jaelie landaverde says

    I am a stay at home mom because babysitter s are so expensive they would take the check anyways we are barely getting by asking family for help and money to just feed our selfs id love to be able to get these things that would help soo much in what we need and want

  10. Kathryn pigloski says

    With all the breastfeeding struggles ive overcome with both my girls. From using nipple shields, multiple weight checks, hospital stays and classes. This would be a wonderful gift for all the hard work weve accomplished together.

  11. Lori Villafana says

    Hello and thank you for this opportunity. Winning this gift package would be amazing. I am a stay at home mom to my 20 month old (still breastfeeding) daughter and have another baby on the way in six months (October 29th). I try to educate and help my friends with breastfeeding to help them be successful. Whether it is just advice, helpful tips during rough periods or baking lactation cookies. I try to give them the support I never had. I am fortunate enough that a friend of mine who was in the states while I was overseas gave me some very helpful advice during some very tough obstacles and it helped me through. This is such an amazing thing that you are doing. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy! Praying for a safe and easy delivery!

  12. I would love to win because I’ve been eyeing the baby carrier but due to financial issues I’m not able to. But would love to win

  13. Winning this prize package would mean so much. We are a single income family. Ive breast fed feom day one and havent stopped. Going on 5 months strong. Tucker wants to be with me at every minute of they day and the nuro pocket along with the lillebaby would be amazing to keep him attached to me as well as getting things done around my house. As well as the products to helpe keep producing healthy.

  14. Having my 2nd baby and have being wanting to try these products to make breastfeeding and baby carrying a bit easier with a 2yr old.

  15. First and foremost congrats on your little one! Exciting times ahead! As a mother of two(15 months and 6 weeks) it has been a very trying time with breastfeeding the past week. I am commited this go around to stick it out as long as he will allow. I feel these items will help bring a little cheer to my to sad sore nips;) Thanks for all the encouragement you provide. You are BASASS!!!!

  16. Christina says

    I just had my second little girl and am still breastfeeding my first as well. These things would definitely help with my breastfeeding endeavors and the carrier would help me hold my little one while having free hands to play with my 2 year old. Also I am wanring to train to be a doula and I think the convention would just add to the knowledge I am building right now.

  17. Kristina Cuevas says

    I would love to get a chance to use these things!! We are a newly single-family income and buying one of these things, much less all of them, just wouldnt happen right now :-/

  18. Toni Hansen says

    I will not be having anymore babies but I have a friend that I would love to gift this to who is expecting in the fall! I had so much fun at MC SF and meeting you!

  19. liz steed says

    I am a new stay at home mom…mother or 3, 2 under 2 and tandem nursing them. i have an incredible 10 year old that went from the only child to having 2 new siblings in the past two years. we have had to adjust a lot of what we do including shopping…i am a huge couponer now. so anything extra would be soooo appreciated. and the coolest part is i have several friends that we pass baby items back and forth so i know everything would get used to its fullest! thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Jennifer says

    You are amazing for doing this! Wait….You’re amazing anyway. Sending you peaceful birth vibes 🙂

  21. This would mean so much to me!! I really need a baby carrier! And I’m breastfeeding my 8 month old and have such low supply so I would loveeee the cookies to help! 🙂 we are on such a tight budget with 3 kids anything really helps 🙂

  22. Jill Potter says

    Awesome giveaway opportunity! Thanks!

  23. Peggysue Ruiz says

    My husband and I had our first baby November if last year. We both come from families who definitely do NOT practice attachment parenting. After coming across your blog and page, and a few other valuable supportive resources, we have begun the journey to raise our child in a loving and gentle home despite the negative feedback from each of our families. Winning this giveaway would be such an encouragement for me and my husband as we continue to learn and grow everyday on this awesome adventure of raising our princess!

  24. I need all the nursing support I can get. I had such a hard time nursing my first time around and as hard as I worked, I could only nurse up til my 8th month. I’m the first one in my family that nursed more than the first month. I even became an advocate for it in my family and got 3 females to change their mind and they are very hard core breastfeeding feeders now. I am due in Nov 2014 and these products will help further nurture my baby, family and advocacy for breastfeeding.

  25. Shelby P says

    This would mean a lot to me! I’m nursing my second baby boy and all of these pages/blogs have been so helpful to me during my nursing “career”! 😀

  26. This would be so amazing to win!! First of the badass breastfeeder gear is awesome! I am currently breastfeeding my 8 month old and will also breastfeed my new baby due in November! The milk cookies would be awesome to help me do that. Mommy con tickets would make me so very happy! Love the mother love line I used their products with my last
    pregnancy and birth! Who couldn’t use another carrier and I really wanted to buy the pocket top but can’t afford it so that would be super awesome!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win these great products!!

  27. Baby #2 on the way. Excited to wear, bf, and snuggle a new squish all over again and teach #1 all about boobies.

  28. Whitley Davidson says

    I would love to be able to go to mommy con and the cookies would be amazing to help me not only feed baby but help pump extra for a friend who can’t breast feed because of meds she has to take!
    The career would go to my cousin he’s a first-time mom!
    The rest of the stuff if I can’t use it would go to moms in need of it!

  29. Cassie Sayre says

    I’m due with my second child 01/2015…. if I would not have found badassbreastfeer I would still be making the same mistakes I made with my first pregnancy. Not only has this page and Abby taught me so much you have also opeNed my eyes. I have finally chosen a career path in life due in part to this page….. yes I could definitely use all these products as I can not afford to purchase any myself… but would more like to win it to share it all and get the word out on how bad ass it is to b the best mommy you can be and spread the word of u r page

  30. Bridget curran says

    This gives would mean the world to my family. My two daughters are 9 and 7, and baby number three is due in December. My family runs off of one income but I try my best to help buy gardening, crafty and thrifty ways to reduce expenditures, and home cooked meals always. Although we are happy and excited for number three, we are completely unprepared for this bundle of joy. This giveaway would alleviate a lot of stress, and bring some happiness to a mom that has been overworked and under appreciated.

  31. Sumiko Sprague says

    Tandem nursing and SAHP to a toddler and newborn… everything here would truly come in handy. We have the original lillebaby, but it has been loaned out and abused, so a replacement would definitely set worries about the stressed seams!

  32. This is an awesome prize! If it wasn’t for your Facebook I would have never breastfed my son I was nervous and had known idea how. Thankfully I found your page which have me the courage and confidence to do so thank you!

  33. Amanda Miner says

    Winning these prizes would mean so much to me! I am a SAHM to two beautiful little ones- a 4-year old and a 9-week old. As much as I love staying home with my babies, living on only my husband’s income makes it possible to afford anything extra. All of these products are things I’ve wanted to try, but just never have the extra money to purchase them. I would be so, so grateful to win this giveaway!

  34. Amber Bloomberg says

    Winning this would be a great turn around for me. I had breastfeed my daughter and plan to do the same with this new little one on the way. This pregnancy has been one hiccup after another last year I had two surgeries to remove precancerous cells from my body and the stress of all of that caused me to misscary theee times. Finally in my 18 th week but the struggles keep coming first bleeding then baby heart arithmia high risk due to leep procedure…so winning this prize would be a much needed happy moment for me.

  35. It would mean so much!! With my oldest (2 years) I wasn’t able to breastfeed. Now I have a new 7 week old and I am doing everything I can to build my supply and have enough to store for when I head back to work in 5 weeks!! Having the support of social media has helped a ton! I also believe in using the mother love products and cookies would help me achieve the goal of building my supply! A carrier would help me take care of my 1st kiddo and keep the newbie happy! Before the badass breastfeeder page I had never heard of mommycon! I would be stoked to be able to experience that as well as sport swag for a very good cause! Normalization of Breastfeeding! Cheers mommies and I hope I win it would mean the world to this supply issue,lopsided boobie momma! (No joke I look like a modern art painting lol)

  36. Winning this prize package would mean so much for our growing family. Last month we moved eight hours away leaving the town we grew up in for a better job opportunity. We were only able to bring what we could fit in my boyfriend’s car and have had to start all over. It has been rough only having one income, but so worth it. I get to stay home with my 16 month old daughter. I am expecting a little boy in July and would love to win this to help make all the milk I can for these soon-to-be tandem nursers!

  37. Teresa Youngblood says

    This giveaway would allow me to share some things with some new mama friends. Then maybe they won’t have to wit until their 3rd or 4th child to find the good stuff like I did 🙂

  38. Sheena Todd says

    I have baby #2 due at the end of July and this package would help support me and make me feel good and pampered. Especially the carrier. I’ve been eyeing the lillebaby. 🙂

  39. michele garson says

    With baby 3 on the way and only one fixed income of an army soldier it would mean a great deal to me to win one of these items.

  40. Christina says

    What an awesome prize package! I just gave birth to #4 nine days ago. Getting pregnant was a HUGE surprise! This would be an awesome gift to help me ease into being the mom of 4!

  41. First of all I absoletly love badass breast feeder Page i have learned so much here..my daughter is 13 months and we come from a single income family where it can be hard to buy such lavish things for baby and i want nothing more then to be able to..i wear hearing aids and alternate my hearing aids 1 a night..I am often tired as I don’t sleep good thinking I won’t hear her:( a gift like this would mean the world and would be a lovely boost of happiness..thank you such a sweet thing to do:)

  42. siyo young says

    This would mean so much to me. Im a single parents to two girls. My youngest is ebf. Im a fulltime student and its hard to even do that as my youngest has bad separation anxiety. Ive been on low for awhile. Any help would be amazing.

  43. Kaysi Stiner says

    I was unable to breastfeed my daughter, they told me I had hypoplasia of the breast. I felt so defeated and like I failed my Baby girl. I have been working so hard to succeed in breastfeeding my son ( 10 weeks strong so far!), these items will help me continue to reach amd achieve my breastfeeding goals, and I would be so happy and appreciative if I were to win!

  44. I have had four children, but I have only been able to exclusively breastfeed my last. My first son was switched to formula after six months because my milk dried up. I tried pumping at work, but my employers were not crazy about it, and so I didn’t get to do it as often as I needed to. My second pregnancy resulted in twin boys being born 14 weeks early. I was able to pump a little, but they both passed away within two weeks. Finally, I have a rainbow baby girl who is now ten months old, and we have been happily nursing since day one! Winning this package would mean the world to me because I feel like it would be a little reward for finally being a successful nursing mother! Thanks for all you do!

  45. Nicole Howze says

    If I won this amazing giveaway full of prizes it would mean much more than you’d ever know. I’m the ONLY one from my family who breastfeeds or has breastfed. It’s really hard to continue to do so with so many people constantly telling you that they had formula and their fine.

    I really enjoy breast feeding and the bond that it has created with my son. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Following your page and reading the different blogs have made me reach out to more moms about breast feeding and doing it in public. So I thank you, even if I don’t win. It means a lot to me to be apart of something so wonderful! 🙂

  46. Andrea French says

    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome package. My lil girl is now 7 weeks and all of this stuff would be so helpful!

  47. Pam Davila says

    Good luck with your home birth with your new baby. I hope everything goes well.
    Winning this giveaway would mean so much and would help me make this 2nd time breastfeeding hopefully more successful. 1st time around I tried as long as I could, my son wouldn’t nurse and I wasn’t producing enough to pump for his needs. I did pump what I could for as long as I could. Now with better knowledge and more support I am going to hopefully successfully breastfeed this time. I would love to win this giveaway and have some “wants” that I can’t afford to purchase right now and will help me on this new journey a head. Thank you.

  48. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this because there are many items included that I have been very interested in trying but have had the opportunity to purchase. Also, I have a few special mommies and mommy to be’s that I would love to be able to share a few of the items with. It would make a wonderful gift for all of us!

  49. Amy Loveranes says

    Winning this would be wonderful! I have three little loves, and have learned a lot since having my first 6 years ago. As I’ve traveled along this journey, learning how to be a mommy, I’ve discovered how much I love babywearing and trying to be a more gentle parent. I breastfed all three and treasure that I’ve been able to share that bond with my daughters. Each of these products would help me in my goal of continuing to be a better mama.

  50. omg we would love to win we are a single salary household and are due for baby 3 in 40 days. 2 boys and girl on the way. breastfeeding baby wearing and gentle parenting is our way we dont hit we give lots of love and love the all natural life style from food to soaps to cleaning producs.

  51. heather burleson says

    I would love to win this, I’m a new mom and this would help me breastfeed

  52. This is such an amazing price package!! We’ve been nursing 8 months strong and you’ve been such an inspiration.

  53. I have finally realized with my fourth and final daughter how bad ass I am. I survived colic, breastfeeding for the first time and we are still going strong, dairy intolerance, and running a house while my husband works. I could never afford these prizes on my own so my fingers are crossed

  54. I’m a stay at home mother of three girls. I’m working on my doctorate in Human Services and drive an hour each way to school. I’ve spent the last five years pregnant, breastfeeding, and pursuing my education. Winning would be a wonderful gift in making my hectic life a little easier.

  55. It would make a happy baby and happy mommy

  56. Jennifer says

    Words cannot express how much it would mean to me to win this giveaway! My daughter is almost 10 months, and EBF. She recently became sick for the first time, and my milk supply plummeted. I struggle daily to make enough for her. She is my Rainbow baby, and is my whole world! I’m an attachment parenting, co-sleeping/bed-sharing, non – cio mama. We have had so many struggles with breastfeeding! Something that is so natural, but yet so difficult. I would be blessed to be able to continue our nursing journey. This giveaway could help make that happen!

  57. I am so thankful for all the support I have received from the badass breast feeder and like sites. I wouldn’t have made bit my 16 months and counting breastfeeding my daughter, especially now that I am 6 months pregnant and nursing. This gift package would mean so much to me. Every item in it would be put to good use and would only help further my breastfeeding journey. It would also make the hectic life of being a mommy a little easier:)

  58. Oh this would be amazing to win. I just had boy girl twins in february and have 3older children as well. We are on a limited income with just my fiancee working right now so it kind of sucks that I cant buy anything I want like this.

  59. laura shain says

    While all of the products would be awesome to win, the tickets would be really great! I’d love to attend one of the Mommy con events.

  60. Stevie Richardson says

    Winning these products would be such a blessing. My son was born with bilateral clubfeet, and will be developmentally delayed as far as walking is concerned. Babywearing is going to be necessary well into his toddler years, because walking in thigh high casts just isn’t feasible. We don’t have the budget for a carrier like this, but I have been dreaming of getting one. Right now I use a cheap knockoff ergo, and it is fine for the time being, as my little one is only eight months, but I see our need for a better carrier quickly approaching as he grows. He has been EBF since day one. The cookies would be great to help us reach (and surpass) our one year goal! I would LOVEEE to attend mommycon, and get advice from the people I turn to via Facebook on a daily basis. I would probably gift the Nuroo pocket to another momma in need because I believe it would be uncomfortable for my LO with his casts. We would proudly display the awesome Badass gear, and be so appreciative if we won. Thank you for the opportunity, and for all the helpful advice posts. As a new mom I learn so much everyday from you guys!

  61. I’m an avid reader of the posts of bad ass breast feeder. I had no idea I’d still be nursing my first child who is now aixteen months old. Not everyone I know is on board with it but because of the posts and such I get support. I’d love this package. I know now I will baby wear a lot more and nursing will be easier. I know what I need and I’d love the products in this package. It’d make it so much easier the next time….

  62. Hayley Elliott says

    I’m a single mommy of 4 boys and winning this would be so helpful. I’m in need of an SSC, it would make my life so much easier. But I can’t actually afford one. I am currently using a homemade ring sling that my guy is getting almost too heavy for. The lactation cookies would come in super handy too. I am always worried about my supply, as I think most nursing moms are. And since I am a badass breastfeeder I would be more than proud to show off badass gear and represent all us Badass Breastfeeders. 🙂

  63. Winning this would mean so much, not only to me but to many mothers I work with. I am a breastfeeding counselor and while I love what I do, it is all volunteer and I don’t have the funds to provide mothers with unique items I tell them about!

  64. Erin Allen says

    Winning this would be so awesome !! i’m still breastfeeding my very soon to be 2 year old ! But we are trying for our second now, so it would be so amazing to have all of this and maybe make the breastfeeding journey easier the next go around 🙂 it was certainly a trial and error thing in the beginning with my first, but because of websites like this it made things a little easier 🙂 thank you Abby !!!!!

  65. This would be incredible! The lillebaby would be awesome for wearing the baby and I’m needing to stock up some milk so the cookies would be perfect. This looks like a perfect and well rounded prize package.

  66. Winning would mean more one-on-one time with my nursling. How could I say no to that!?!

  67. Raelene Murdock says

    Wow what an amazing package, I would definitely share those cookies and more with my bestie who just had her first daughter, but also looking forward to have a third baby in the near future, I have 2 beautiful children that i breastfeed and could’ve used more resources with! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway 😀

  68. Meredith quarles says

    What an amazing prize package! I’d love to win it and share with my expecting friends 🙂

  69. Bethany Schlener says

    Congratulations! What a generous giveaway!

  70. This would be a blessing, our family is a single income family. I have been working since I became pregnant, my spouse was laid off for the season and they decided to not bring him back or even tell us till he called at the beginning of the season. I continued to work during my pregnancy except the wk I was on bed rest. I ended up going back part time at 4 wks pumping and feeding when home. Then when full time came at 6wks I hit postpartum bad, my milk supply dropped and I was floundering trying to keep my lo fed. Finally after getting postpartum under control and getting back into the swing of things. My supply is back up and I am still supporting a house of 4 while my spouse searches non stop for a job. The month supply of cookies would be amazing!! The shirts would be a proud way of showing how I have slowly started being brave enough to feed in public ( the last 2wks) I broke that barrier!! The rest would just be blessings of being a bad ass breast feeder!!!
    Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!

  71. First baby due any day now having some strong contractions coming have our doula on call and our midwife and the hospital birthing tub is reserved now we are just waiting on baby 🙂 so excited and nervous at the same time

  72. Michelle T says

    Fingers crossed! I’ve been dying for a lillebaby!!!

  73. Krystina E says

    Winning this prize package would mean knowing I am fully stock for the baby I am working so hard to conceive. I’ve had two babies before but they were created in less then ideal times. We struggled but we made it stronger and better. This time around I would love to do a bit less struggling and a bit more just enjoying my baby. Also I’ve been a fan from the start and would love to show off some Badass Breastfeeder stuff! Abby talked to me so much when I was fighting to get my milk back months after I dried up and tried to get my daughter back to my breast. It was so wonderful having such a supportive ear that really cared about our story and struggles.

  74. Geri-Lynn says

    Wow what a giveaway, thanks for the chance. Winning this would be so amazing. My husband and I are planning baby number 2, the Nurturing Life Gift box would be so helpful with the 2nd pregnancy. I had a rough first pregnancy and had problems with producing milk. This gift box along with the cookies would help during and after. I was only able to breastfeed for 4 months with the first (major issues) and would love to be able to produce much more for the next little. Also, I’ve been looking to purchase the Lillebaby Carrier for baby #1, but on one income I would have to save up to buy one and I really want to use it for the summer. Thank you again for the chance.

  75. Heather miller says

    My first daughter was born brain dead, but was able to donate her heart to another child. I never thought I would have another child, but I am pregnant and due in July. Winning would help us prepare for our newest daughter’s birth, and help us with breastfeeding and babywearing.

  76. Tiffany Balluta-Wells says

    This would be the greatest help! We are currently expecting baby number two. A girl and our first is a boy. My husband is in the coast guard and we are in the middle if a move two months before baby girl is due! Mental, physical, and financial strains. Can’t wait for this girl to come into our lives though and any little bonus we get is always welcome. 🙂

  77. Taryn Bame says

    This is so great! I’ve been looking at these products! We’ve been moving around a lot due to my husband’s different jobs. Money had been tight. Luckily our families have been able to help us out. We’ve been so blessed! We just had a baby 2 months ago and this would really be so great! Thanks for being willing to give stuff away to help other people!

  78. This would be awesome for us! We just found out that we are expecting another baby in February.

  79. This would mean the world to my son and I. Breastfeeding means so much to us!

  80. Cindy Burris says

    I would love to win I just had my 2nd daughter in January. I also have a 8 year old who helps mommy out when she can. It’s been so long since I had a young one, im finding it hard to keep up. I exclusively breast feedo and im having more difficult this time around. Anything that would help us out would be wonderful. Like most of us, I am a stay at home mom right now and we are struggling to get by. Thank you for even offering this and congratulations on your baby too

  81. Wacee Kerr says

    This is my third baby and breastfeeding has been an amazing experience for us, as it was with his older brother and sister! Winning this would be an awesome thing for us and make breastfeeding an even more enjoyable experience!

  82. charissa says

    I would love a baby carrier!

  83. Allison Rivera says

    I have 2 daughters. 20 months and 7 weeks and plan on a least one more baby just as close in age. All of the products would help us out so much. Keeping my fingers crossed, we would really appreciate all of this.

  84. Lindsay Smith says

    Winning this prize pack would be great for not only me but my baby wearing group! I already have a tula so I could donate the lillebaby and nuroo to our baby wearing lending library(No need to hoard all the carriers, let other mamas enjoy cuddles with their lil squishs). The milkin cookies would be great for me to take on the go while chasing around my three toddler boys so that my milk supply doesn’t suffer and my 5 month old can continue to ebf. And of course Id love to go to mommycon but our budget will not allow for that right now.

  85. Ashlee Ann Crosno says

    Awesome giveaway! Here is to hoping I win!

  86. Winning this would be a blessing. <3 Thank you for this opportunity.

  87. Ashley Wilson says

    So many needy ladies and babies, I’m sure this awesome prize will go to exactly who needs it! Best of luck to all, especially those in the “first baby” boat such as I am. I have a great support system but they’re all on the East Coast (and im here in Portland, Oregon lol) so baby and all of the other things I’m learning (quickly) are intimidating, but exciting! I could use some help to feel grounded, motivated and in control. Thanks!

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