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3 Tips From the Woman Behind The Badass Breastfeeder Blog


  1. Barbara Jean says

    Just when it seemed to me that breastfeeding was just about dead!! I nursed all 6 of mine, nothing but Mama for 5-6 months. Never tandem nursed, baby kinda gave it up when my supply would decline due to being pregnant again (kids about 14-18 months). I LOVED LOVED it. I look back on that time as a sort of a honeymoon with the new baby. La Leche was a lifesaver for me 30 yrs ago, but I seldom hear of it anymore. In fact I seldom hear of new moms nursing, and if they do, it is usually for 1-2 wks for the colostrum. I think it is THE BEST for both mother & baby. Happy to read that others feel the same.

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