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Boob Butter Review and Giveaway!

It’s hard living in my skin. Not in a melodramatic way, but literally. My skin is sensitive and is a recurring source of discomfort. A few weeks ago I got a cold that swept through the toddlers at the local park district building. You know the moment when you realize you have gotten the cold that your toddler and baby have. “Oh what misery we are in for,” I thought. The first time I blew my nose I was reminded of the painful dry, flaky, cracked, bloody skin that will develop from the repeated blowing. Not only will Man Cold surely set in, but Cold Nose will too.

I had just received a tin of Boob Butter from Boob and Baby. It was still sitting on my counter. I decided I had nothing to lose and rubbed it onto my nose every couple of hours. It didn’t make the cold any less miserable, but my nose never made me cringe with pain. I attribute this directly to the Boob Butter because I’ve tried many products before for this ailment with varying degrees of success. The difference this time was that my nose never hurt.

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“But, Abby, it’s nipple cream, it’s not for your nose,” you say? This is why I love natural products so much. Who cares what you do with it? Yeah, yeah, it’s nipple cream. Obviously, I tried it on my nipples too. It was great! What do you expect? It’s also great for lips, rashes, hands and butts! Yes, I said butts! It’s an awesome butt cream. I mean, you know, for the baby. But to be honest, it will be the first thing I use next time I get Pad Rash!

But back to nipples. I am pretty picky about what I use for nipple cream. It does, after all, go into my child’s mouth. I have found that the straight oils don’t help to heal the pain and cracks that can develop from frequent nursing. And I know frequent nursing as a tandem breastfeeder of a 4.5-year-old and a 1.5-year-old! There are some products that can protect a nipple, but few that can heal a nipple. And even fewer that can ease pain.

Boob Butter is made of olive oil for deep moisturizing, mango butter for softening and soothing skin, cupuacu butter (alternative to lanolin) for deep hydration, candelilla wax (vegan substitute to beeswax) for glide and calendula flowers as an anti-inflammatory. This combination of ingredients provides hydration, skin restoration, healing and pain relief.

This Boob Butter is fantastic and I highly recommend you try it out. Enter our giveaway here for a chance to win a jar yourself as well as these awesome breastfeeding and motherhood empowerment shirts! Also use promo code BADASS10 for 10% your order, for life, for being badass. 

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