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Breastfeeding Journey Of A Micro-Preemie

by Hava Rich

Yesterday was the first time in 97 days I didn’t pump. From the day I had Jameson I’ve pumped every three hours, minus a 5 hour stretch to get a little extra sleep. 

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by Danny Pitt Stoller
Danny Pitt Stoller holding newborn

When I read articles and stories about breastfeeding, I frequently come across the comment that breastfeeding leads to a diminished role for the dad. After all, if only Mom can feed the baby, how will Dad get a chance to bond with his child? This comment always surprises me because my experience wasn’t like that at all. I have two sons, and both of them breastfed. (They subsisted exclusively on breastmilk for the first six or seven months, and continued nursing for a significant period after solid foods were introduced.) But at no point did I ever feel excluded, nor did I feel I had a lesser or unimportant role in my children’s lives. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding in Public From a Husband’s Perspective

bybreastfeee Brooks W

When my wife and I had our first child just over ten years ago we tried to breastfeed without too much luck. I never really saw anyone breastfeed before. Fast forward another 5 years we had our second child. Breastfeeding was going great.

Remember ten years ago I never really saw this. My wife was trying to breastfeed out in public. I was one of those guys that always said don’t do that. We will get in trouble or those dudes are staring at your breasts. I never knew laws allowed you to breastfeed in public back then. [Read more…]