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Breastfeeding in Public From a Husband’s Perspective

bybreastfeee Brooks W

When my wife and I had our first child just over ten years ago we tried to breastfeed without too much luck. I never really saw anyone breastfeed before. Fast forward another 5 years we had our second child. Breastfeeding was going great.

Remember ten years ago I never really saw this. My wife was trying to breastfeed out in public. I was one of those guys that always said don’t do that. We will get in trouble or those dudes are staring at your breasts. I never knew laws allowed you to breastfeed in public back then.

Now I just want to make it clear, I was never against breastfeeding. I just didn’t want any trouble with the establishments we would go to or watching my wife feel uncomfortable as people would just stare and often give disgusting glares.

I didn’t think any of this was fair. Any of these feelings or concerns. None of it was fair to us and especially an innocent child. What could we do though?

Fast forward another 5 years and we have our third child back in November of 2012. We have educated ourselves a lot during the last five years. We learned laws protect a baby and their mother. We can’t get in trouble for breastfeeding in public. It’s nice knowing this.

I am very accepting of my wife pulling out her breast and feeding our child. (She doesn’t just whip it out and let everyone stare at an exposed breast.) She has more class than that she just casually gets our child in position then pulls out her breast so our child can eat.

I’ve seen other young mothers breastfeeding in public. Some are as secure about themselves as my wife and I are while some still prefer to cover themselves to varying degrees which is perfectly fine.

Society is more accepting now and so I am. We educated ourselves over the years and now we both highly promote breastfeeding in public. In March we drove from Minnesota to Chicago for the MommyCon event. It’s not exactly something we absolutely needed, but being an advocate of breastfeeding in public like my wife is, more knowledge and ideas are very helpful and can go a long ways when you are advocating breastfeeding in public.

In closing, I was truly like most men. I was embarrassed for my wife, protective of my family, and didn’t want any trouble. By becoming educated, I have completely changed my perspective. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a mother feed her child in public naturally.

My suggestions to both men and women are to educate yourselves. That’s the most important part. Don’t be afraid what people think. That baby isn’t theirs. Who cares what they think? Everyone has there opinion. The point is that it’s your baby and your baby’s health. Finally, it’s okay to cover if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t cover just to please a small group of people that may give you funny looks.


Brooks W.