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Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Yes, it is preferable to go outside and explore the world, but let’s face it, sometimes it is just too cold or too hot or too tornado warning or you just plain can’t get out of the door because your babe is having a bad day.  Or you are having a bad day! There are days when simply putting a diaper on is the most difficult task. When I want to give him and me a break here are a few of our favorite things to do.
Jack playing in oats
The number 1 favorite thing in our house is oats in a bin. Click here for our full story on that!
Jack running in baseball cards
 Baseball cards are another favorite. We have so many that we could carpet the entire house. We pour them out onto the floor and dance in them or swim in them.
Jack and I in a tunnel
Crawling through those tunnels is fun, but Jack likes it better when we get in it while standing up. Sometimes I put it over him and make him disappear and then reappear like a magician.
Jack riding in a wagon
Wagons are for outside only. Not! And what a sweet ride with stuffed friends and favorite shoes.
Jack riding in a suitcase
Here’s another sweet ride.
Jack playing stair ball
Stair ball. Jack stands at the top behind the safety gate and my husband stands at the bottom of the stairs. Jack throws the ball over, my husband throws it back and Jack chases it down to start all over again.
Jack empties the silverware drawer
Jack likes to empty the silverware drawer. We have 2 drawers. One for the sharp stuff and one for the safe stuff.
Jack looks at himself in the mirror
Get naked!
Jack plays with DVDs
Play with DVDs. If you don’t want your DVDs scratched then take them out!
babywearing dance party
Dance party! Catch it in motion!
Toys all over house
Competition to see how messy we can get the house.
Pushing Jack in a dump truck
Dump truck rides.
Jack runs on paper on the floor
Various materials on the floor that all make different sounds. Run on them or drive trucks on them!
Boat ride!
My friend and Admin, Kristin, showed us how to ride on a jet ski. Here we are going over some BIG WAVES!
Jack spinning
Spin in circles over the world.
bath time
Sometimes we just hop in the bath for no reason at all and bring half the kitchen with us.
watching construction
Have lunch at the window and watch construction.
Jack plays guitar
Let’s face it, my husband will never be in a band. Jack loves strumming the guitar or throwing things into it or standing on it.
Jack bathes in the sink
Hop in the sink when we get a bit fussy waiting for dinner!
Share your favorite indoor activities in the comments!
Abby Theuring, MSW


  1. Just found your blog, love it! You motivate me to begin my natural mama blog 🙂
    How old is your baby Jack?
    My baby Rose is 14 months.
    We love to do homemade play dough and finger paints, do the hokey pokey, play with kitchen goodies while mom cooks (oats, coconut flakes and flour with bowls and scoops). We play on the slide that is in the living room or slide doll down a hundred or so times.
    We also play with water and ice cubes in our water table in the kitchen.
    I am excited to do the oats bin. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the step-stool thing you have for Jack in the kitchen! That is a great idea. My daughter always wants to see what I’m doing but I can’t always hold her. Where did you get it? -Stephanie

  3. Oh thank you so much for these pictures and the ones at Target. My children are grown up but still pre grandchildren and I love these memories of times gone by. I can almost feel their little squirmy bodies in my arms for a moment, and I thank you for helping rekindle those moments. I still hug them, of course, but at 22, 19 and 16, I can’t pick them up!

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