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30 Days of Gratitude

JackA few months ago my husband and I decided to do 30 Days of Gratitude. For a couple of people who tend to whine and complain a lot it was much needed yet quite challenging. It ended up taking us about 2 months. There were some nights we forgot and some night where I was wound so tight I couldn’t bring myself to come up with something. In the end it was an exercise in allowing myself to let go of the negativity in a moment and find something about my life that should be celebrated.

1.Being healthy; as a social worker I was often involved in therapy groups or other activities where we would discuss things we are grateful for. Health is always number 1 to me.

2.Jack; my 18 month old son who change my world.

3.Beer; I really love beer.

4.Hot bubble baths; I take one every evening after my bath with Jack while my husband puts Jack’s pajamas on and plays with him in the other room.

5.An AP husband; I have too many flaws, weaknesses, short-comings, etc. to do any of this parenting thing by myself. My husband has been on board with and even led many of the changes that we have gone through as a family during our transformation to Attachment Parenting.

6.My wavering yet still intact sanity; even when I feel like I am about to completely snap and never return to the real world I find myself being able to hang on and make it through even the worst of times. Not that anything has been that bad for us, but you know those moments when life seems harder than it is.

7.My mom; she will do anything for me, my husband and son.

8.Water; I really get thirsty sometimes.

9.New friends; I have a Mama Tribe. I can turn to them for anything.

Dance party with mom and Jack

10.Dance parties; before Jack was even planned my husband and I had dance parties by ourselves in our apartment. When I became pregnant we used to fantasize about dancing with our child the same way. For well over a year Jack wanted to be held while we danced. Recently he has started dancing on his own. We now dance in a circle like high school girls at a dance in the gym. Dreams can come true.

11.Food; I really get hungry sometimes.

12.Parks; I never really appreciated parks until Jack came along. Now they are one of my favorite places to go.

13.Pepperoni pizza; have you ever had the pizza from the Whole Foods deli? It’s not cooked, you bring it home and put it in the oven. Sweet Pizza Gods, I thank you.

14.Chocolate; I suppose this is a love/hate relationship.

15.Wine; Pinot Grigio and I are long-time lovers.

16.Josh; my husband. He’s my biggest fan.

Josh and jack

17.Fans; yes, you.

18.Babywearing; I never knew I would enjoy such intimacy with another person.

19.Being alive; I wrote this after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

20.Bedhsaring; something I never thought I would do and now something I love so much it has become a part of who I am.

Jack's foot

21.Jack’s feet; there have never been a cuter pair of anything on the planet.

22.Mail; seriously, isn’t it amazing that you can put something in a mailbox on your corner and it ends up on the other side of the planet a few days later?

23.Sam; my sister. One cool chick.

24.Funny people; thank goodness for you!

25.My Dad; the most generous man I know.

26.Radicalism; after I wrote my post on nurse-ins people accused me of being radical. Although I find nurse-ins to be anything but radical I found this to be a great compliment (although that is not how it was intended).

27.Breastfeeding; always wanted to, almost didn’t. It taught me how strong I am. In fact, it taught me who I am.

28.Tea; Rose Hips is my current favorite, but it has been a long time since I have had a hot cup of it.

Jack and my dad

29.Trucks; anything that makes Jack smile that big is a favorite in my book.

30.Endings; I was truly grateful when this was over. It was difficult! Difficult changes in definition for me from day to day. Lately I feel like I have not even tasted how difficult life can be. And for that I am grateful too.

Abby Theuring, MSW