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A Day of Play at Target

Jack and I went to Target. For no reason. No reason at all. Just to piss some time away. Play. Laugh. It’s cold outside. Wet, rainy, snowy. An ugly mix. I didn’t plan to purchase anything. Just play. For free.
I strapped him on in the Ergo and made the 2 mile walk to Target. Mama has to get exercise somehow.

Crappy winter day in Chicago.
What a royally craptacular day.
Jack is kind of the world
In Target, Jack is king of the world. Well, let’s face it. He’s the king of my entire world.
Jack with a ton of balls
The first thing he said when we walked in was “ball.” So, since he is king, off to the balls we marched.
Jack running away at target
Soon he understood that he was king of this world and could run free.
Jack pushing the cart
I can push the cart!
Jack crashes the cart
I crashed. Who cares! I’m the king!
Jack and a bowl
And look at my royal bowl.
Jack and his new bubbles
And my royal bubbles.
Jack and sidewalk chalk
And sidewalk chalk in so very many colors.
Other kid
And there are even other little kids here. He must be a Prince.
Cheap chalk
And wait, sidewalk chalk for $1!?
Jack picking out a card
Now, let’s get serious for a moment. We should get a birthday card for Dada.
Nah, Mama will find one. I want throw the cards around!!
A badass birthday card
Just as I suspected. Mama found the perfect card.
Cloth at target
Wait, cloth diapers at Target?!
Jack and trucks at target
We have reached heaven on Earth. Truck Town.
jack plays with a truck
I bow to the truck!
Jack and a truck
And maybe groove a little to the truck.
Jack dances to the truck tune
How about I just down right boogie to the truck!
Jack with balls and trucks
More balls and more trucks!
Jack with a truck
Yeah, I’m sitting in the aisle, vrooming my truck.
Jack with a shark fin
Life vest with a shark fin. Why is Mama laughing so hard?
Jack lifting a truck
Let me just pick up this truck.
Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding in public
Obligatory NIP shot in the display furniture.
Jack in the potty
It’s fun to say “AAAHHH!!!!” in the bathroom.
Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding while babywearing
Mama walked me home in the rain. She kept me warm and dry. Except for this moment when she just had to snap a pic.
Jack with a balloons
When we got home Mama thought I might need a nap, but I corrected her. I ran around with my new balloons.
Our Target scores
So Mama intended to spend $0, but spent $18. Not bad. Bottle of wine, truck, balloons, baseball cards and a birthday card. Now Mama’s going to go have a glass of wine.
Abby Theuring, MSW