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Breasts Are Not Sex Organs: Lessons From Breastfeeding

We have dedicated an entire episode of The Badass Breastfeeding Podcast to this topic! Click here!

Seriously folks. Sorry to burst your bubble, but breasts are not sex organs. And therefore you need to stop using this as an excuse to regulate them. Breasts on a female are no different than those on a male. They just make more milk. Yes, I said “more” because male breasts can also make some milk.

The sexual feelings you and I have about breasts is cultural. I’m fine with that. I definitely use my breasts during sex. I also use my hands and my mouth. But there aren’t any laws that say I need to keep those covered. Surely you’d think that was crazy.

So stop slinging this excuse around to try to control our behavior. I will breastfeed however I choose, wherever I choose. And I should be able to choose not to cover my breasts no matter what I am doing. If men can get an even tan in the summer then why can’t I?

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I choose not to cover when I’m breastfeeding because that’s what I choose. If you choose to cover, that’s cool, you can cover whatever part of your body you want. You can walk around with a paper bag on your head if you want. it’s your body. You make the decisions about it.

You’re afraid your husband will be turned on by my breasts? Maybe you should take that up with him? That’s not my problem. I might be turned on by his eyes, his ass through his pants or his shoulders. You can’t control that.

You’re afraid your kids will see my breasts? Are you afraid that your kids might learn what breasts are actually for and grow up thinking that they are normal like hands and mouths? Are you afraid that your children will learn that the primary function of breasts is to feed children?

My breasts make you uncomfortable and so you think I should change my behavior? Your feet make me extremely uncomfortable and I certainly do not think I have any right to tell you to hide them.

Breasts are not sex organs. Every law and policy that treats female breasts differently than male breasts is wrong and needs to be changed immediately.


  1. Peter Thomas says

    Your campaign to affirm and celebrate breastfeeding is one of the most important
    movements there is….Hooray LACTIVISM !!!

    Your assertion that breasts have nothing to do with sex, that sexual feelings about them are strictly cultural…is bogus, false, fraudulent, and anti-science.

    Human female breasts evolved to be much larger than is necessary for only feeding, they are larger proportionately than the mammary organs of other animals for display reasons, and are neurologically entwined with the clitoris and sexual response. Many women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone.
    The pleasure felt from affectionate touch often preceded putting the milk into those breasts, and the pleasure of nursing a wee babe or toddler with them has health benefits for mom and child alike. It is part of the success of our species and a key to better health and quality of life, and part of that inherent good is directly connected to the breasts’ natural connection with human sexuality.

    Please don’t use sex-negative and fake-science assertions as part of your campaign…it is not necessary, or helpful !

    • Rachel Herrick says

      Yes! I came to say the same thing! Breasts are scientifically secondary sex organs. Remove the shame and taboo from sex and the proper mindset can be achieved. What needs to be said is that breastfeeding is not a “sexual ACT”.

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