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Babywearing is Badass: So Says the Science

By Neve Spicer

Some people might regard babywearing as a mere fashion statement. Sure, they think, those fancy wraps look hip, but do they really serve any function?

According to the science, yes.

At one time, babywearing was standard practice among mothers everywhere. Its decline, especially in the West, led many to assume it was a dying habit. With International Babywearing Week upon us, however, advocates are standing up to say that wearing our babies is back and it’s here to stay.

And before the naysayers claim that the argument in favor of babywearing is built solely upon anecdotal evidence, We The Parents has put together an extensive infographic of the science-based advantages of wearing our babies.


As you can see, it turns out that there is an abundance of evidence that suggests babywearing is medically advantageous for both infants and mothers. For example, did you know that it can actually help preterm infants gain weight? Or that slings and carriers might reduce the chances of middle ear infections? Or how about how babywearing can be a treatment for reflux symptoms?

For a long time babywearing advocates complained that there weren’t enough direct studies on the effects of baby-carrying. On one hand this is true, traditionally there have only been a handful (although there are several awesome studies being carried out as we speak – so watch this space). However, to claim that there is insufficient evidence is shortsighted. There are quite simply tons of relevant findings from studies in closely related fields, eg, child development, anthropology, and Kangaroo Mother Care.

This research not only points out the positive aspects of using slings and carriers but also dispels several long-held myths. And so, take a few moments to drink in the studies and ruminate on the evidence because the science is clear: babywearing is badass!