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Ask an Expert: Dad Specific Benefits of Breastfeeding

by Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC

Fan Question:

“What are the benefits of Breastfeeding that are DAD specific? Something that directly impacts him. Not the baby. Not mom. Just dad.”

This is SUCH a great question!  So many dads worry that they won’t be able to bond with the baby if they’re not feeding them, but this just isn’t true!  Dads have such an important role in those early days that don’t involve feeding.  But beyond their duties, there are lots of benefits of breastfeeding that impact dad directly!  Below are just a few:

  • Cost savings!  Annually, formula can cost *thousands* of dollars – as shown here.  The cost savings go beyond that as breastfed babies are sick less which translates into less work days missed.
  • A happy wife!  Breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin, which is often called the “mothering” hormone.  It helps to decrease blood pressure and stress, which makes a mama happier, which makes life a lot easier for dad.
  • Birth Control.  If dad is nervous about having another baby soon, exclusive breastfeeding can act as a natural birth control, as effective as birth control pills.  No condoms or messy gels/creams needed!  (Note – there are specific instances when breastfeeding can and cannot be used as an effective form of birth control – as mentioned here.)
  • No dishes for him.  Breastfeeding means no bottles to clean.  And let’s face it, dads are the ones who end up doing most of the dishes in the early days, right?  Right?  Maybe?
  • You can soothe your baby when your wife can’t. Sounds strange, right?  But often, in the early weeks and months, a baby grows fussy the minute mom picks them up, as they smell mom’s milk and want it.  When mom hands that fussy baby over to dad, the baby often calms down immediately!  This could mean lots of fuss-free snuggle time for dad.
  • And it has to be said – boobs.  Because, frankly, breastfeeding boobs?  They rock.

unnamedAshley Treadwell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), blogger on the topic of breastfeeding, and advocate for judgmentfree breastfeeding support for all mothers. Ashley lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, Tim, their two girls, Jane and Evelyn, and their dog, Grace and cat, Abby. She loves running, everything related to cooking and feeding her family, spending time with family and friends, and bad reality television.