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MommyCon: Mothers to Pump in Public



On August 2, 2014, MommyCon and Acelleron Medical Products are partnering to set the first-ever world record for breast pumping in Boston, MA.  Mothers will gather at MommyCon Boston 2014 to pump breast milk together, in public.

Presented by Acelleron, the goal of this record-setting event is to bring awareness to the benefits of human milk for human babies, as well as bring mothers who pump breast milk together.

By pumping milk in a public display, each of our record setters will be making a statement that shows that pumping is normal and a wonderful way for working mothers, as well as babies who are unable to latch, to benefit from human milk.


“Hosting this record shows mothers around the world that they aren’t alone. Breast pumping mothers are rarely recognized for the work they put into feeding their child, or for the milk they may donate to breast milk banks. By hosting a pumping world record, we are banding together to show that breast pumping is something to be proud of,” says Alexzandra Higgins, MommyCon Founder.

The event will begin at 10:30am at the Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart Street, Boston.


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For more information about the Acelleron Breast Pumping World Record or MommyCon Boston 2014, please visit www.mommy-con.com or email [email protected].