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Breastfeeding Grows With Him

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding son.

We live in a culture where we are constantly pressured to push our kids to “grow up.” This is often the argument for weaning, “They need to grow up sometime!” I’ve even got feedback for the vocabulary I use to describe my kids, “baby versus toddler versus small child.” And anyone who is not pushing their child to grow up is trying to “keep” them young. What is the big rush? They are going to grow up. Seriously, you don’t need to push them. Actually pushing too hard can cause anxiety and distrust in the world. They will just grow. It’s nature. I will not wean my child simply because he breastfeeds at an older age than makes you comfortable. It works for us, it is what I believe he needs and he likes it! I am not “keeping” him breastfeeding. He likes it, he initiates it and, even after hard work to establish boundaries to keep me sane nursing 2 kids, he keeps coming back. I do not force it to continue and I will not force it to end. He won’t breastfeed when he is in college, not that you really need to care about what my child does. Of all the things going on with kids and in the world at large, people trip about this. I don’t get it. How can anyone look at this and think it is wrong?


  1. At our Mother’s Day family get-together, one of my cousins (who is an early childhood educator, and not a parent) saw my 19 month old daughter clinging to me and not wanting me to disappear on her. She commented that I’d “have to break her of that eventually”. I don’t get it. I’m not forcing her to stick with me, I’m just her safe place in a house full of people she doesn’t know well. Eventually she will grow up and not want to be held. As a teenager, I’m sure there will be times I wish she would let me hold her while she faces this big, hard world. Why rush? Why push her to try to be more grown up than she is? As long as she wants to cling to me, and get her milkies, I’m going to let her.

  2. Its beautiful it makes me want to cry, my son almost 3 LOVES It too
    … Even sometimes me at 33 feel like a child inside imagine a little 3 year old, obviously they want, crave and love that mummy safety, the boob, having that closeness ..is the best and most natural thing in the world

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