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The Most Awesome Comeback Ever: Breastfeeding in Public

Today I received an e-mail from a mother who is clearly doing her job to raise kids with a healthy understanding of the human body.


Alexis writes…

My son Eli is 6 years old and he is a fierce protector of his baby sister (Sydney, 11 months) and of me. We were in the park the other day and an elderly dude came up and asked him (Eli) if it was, “strange to see Mommy breastfeeding”.

I was just about to freak out, when Eli responded with, “What’s strange about it?”

Elderly Dude says, “Isn’t it strange to see your Mommy’s… breasts?”

Eli, “No. I see her breasts all the time.”

Elderly Dude, “Well, that’s inappropriate”.

I’m too thrilled by Eli’s responses to say anything at this point.

Eli, “It’s not inappropriate for Mommy to feed Sydney. She’s hungry. It’s inappropriate for me to touch my penis in school, because I can do that at home”.

Now I’m laughing, and Elderly Dude is too. He looks at me and says, “You’ve got a great kid there”.

I say, “Yep.”

Here’s hoping Elderly Dude went away re-considering his idiocy.