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Dear Mama Friend

I am writing to you today because I can see that you have been crying. I know that you are struggling to keep your cool. You wonder how you can possibly get through the day. You doubt that you are capable of being a really good parent. Things aren’t going as planned. You tried so hard, but it’s falling apart. It seems like everyone has it together but you. Like you have failed yourself and your kids. Sometimes you want to run out of the house and never come back. Some days you feel like you don’t even like your own kids. Then you are flooded with guilt and anxiety that you could even think such a thing. [Read more…]

“Did We Play?”

Today was Monday. The first day of the week when my husband goes to work at the office space far away. On this day we have no car. The winters are long in Chicago and we are mostly shut in on Mondays. Some days I knock myself out trying to entertain the boys. Other days I laze around with them in jammies in front of movies. Most days are somewhere in between. [Read more…]

Let It Go

I’ve probably uttered this phrase 7 million times in my life. Someone pissed me off, hurt my feelings, bruised my ego, or whatever and I said to myself “I’m just going to let that go.” Then I turned to walk away and stewed on the situation for days on end, repeating it in my head, imaging up various outcomes.  They didn’t know that I was bothered so I figured I had “won.” But did I really ever let it go? Have I at age 37 ever let anything go? [Read more…]