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Growing Up in a Breastfeeding World

by Tom M

I’ve often read the concerns of women who are worried about their children seeing a mother breastfeeding. I’ve heard they might get the wrong idea about breasts, or they could be traumatized if they should happen to see a mother breastfeeding. Or it is disrespectful to other people’s children for a mother to breastfeed in their presence. Until I started reading these concerns I must admit I took my experiences as the son of a breastfeeding mother somewhat for granted. It was a way of life for me that wasn’t out of the ordinary so I never gave it much thought. It didn’t know it was strange to grow up like I did until I started seeing how people look at breastfeeding moms today. I still have trouble understanding how it can be viewed as gross or disgusting. Now I find myself appreciative that my mother took the time to educate and expose us to breastfeeding as kids. [Read more…]