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Let Them Be: A Breastfeeding in Public Poem

by Tom M.

A mother has the right to nurse no matter when or where,
and should she do it openly the public shouldn’t care.

Her baby is a person with a common right to feed,
and no mother should be forced to flee to satisfy that need.

She should not have to run and hide to exercise her right,
her act of love and selflessness should be a welcomed sight.

A restaurant or public park or anywhere we dine,
if safe for us and comfortable, should suit a nursling fine.

A stuffy car or restroom stall are hardly sites to eat,
and no one would enjoy their meal while covered head to feet.

It’s not like sex or being lewd, not meant to turn you on,
it’s not some gross disgusting act like going to the john.

It’s not an act that should be shunned nor one that we should fear,
it is an act of sustenance that’s beautiful and pure.

All those who balk or disagree should think before they speak,
the arguments they hide behind are usually very weak.

The studies show that mother’s milk withstands the test of time,
so babies getting what they need should never be a crime.

For moms who nurse in public there is nothing more to say,
if you find the sight offensive then politely look away.

The time has come for dirty looks and ignorance to cease,
so babies can enjoy their milk and moms can nurse in peace!

Tom M


  1. Marquita says

    Thank you, Tom M! I absolutely love your poem, and will probably print out SEVERAL and post them as encouragement to other nursing mothers…

    Thanks again!

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