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Dear Moms at the Park

No, this isn’t one of those judgey posts about seeing Moms at the park on their cell phones or what they say to their kids. Who am I to judge anyway? I snapped at my toddler this morning making his already rough morning even worse. No, I can’t look down at anyone from any Gentle Parenting Tower.


This is a thank you letter. Thank you for helping distract my toddler when he started to meltdown and you saw me struggling with my newborn. Thank you for talking him into playing chase with your little girl to give me some moments of calm. Thank you for offering him a snack when I had no hands to get one. Thank you for not giving me a dirty look when I was tandem nursing said toddler and said newborn. Thank you. Just thank you. Thank you all for making this a little bit of a village today.

Abby Theuring, MSW


  1. Awesome post! Love it!

  2. Brenda Holland-Robinson says

    What a refreshing change of pace. And, Lord, help me to remember to always be a positive member of the village. God bless your efforts, Abby.

  3. Liliana R. says

    I really appreciate your down to earthness Abby. First time writing a comment but let me tell you that you make me smile and remind me that this too shall pass! You are allowed to get down from your gentle parenting as long as you go back up!

  4. Sophia price says

    Well done too both you and that mumma! It’s not easy to accept help when you need it sometimes too!! 🙂 xx

  5. Brittany N says

    Long time follower from Facebook. I actually help admin a local badass group. First time posting on the blog.
    I really loved this. Gave me chills. Some times it’s hard to keep your cool and redirect. No matter what you are doing your best learning to mommy of two. It is so much different going from one to two, yet the same.
    Rock on, Abby.

  6. We’ve all been there. And I’m afraid we’ll all be there again. I love our community and I’m glad you got a little bit of what you needed.

  7. This is soo awesome there are great ppl in this world ……………That latch though …. It’s amazing

  8. Awesome!

    I imagine this was a fellow mom paying it forward. Love it.

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