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Breastfeeding Through the Night

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When my baby was just a couple months old my pediatrician told me that he should be sleeping 10-12 hours a night without waking up. He didn’t sleep anywhere near that (and still doesn’t at 7.5 years old). So naturally I freaked out! I thought there was something wrong with him. 

Well, there is nothing freaking wrong with him or any of the children that don’t sleep through the night. It’s totally normal for your baby to wake up frequently! They are biologically wired to wake frequently to nurse. Exhausting, but natural behavior. 

Breastmilk is thin and digested quickly. Requiring babies to eat frequently. And breastfeeding is so much more than food! It’s their safety and security. This is all they know when they are so young. They are totally reliant on you for staying alive. They will wake frequently, nurse constantly and when you stay close they are consistently reassured that you will keep them safe. 

Also, each baby is different. Don’t compare your baby to another baby. It’s a setup for frustration. YOUR baby is perfect. 

***Although your toddler or small child has different developmental things going on, waking through the night to breastfeed or simply seek you out is TOTALLY normal.