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Women Are Human Beings

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding.

The most revolting thing about being a woman is how we are constantly picked apart. We are evaluated, ranked and classified based on what we wear, say, think, feel, do. Yet this is so deeply ingrained in our culture that we rarely notice when it is happening and even do it to ourselves and each other.

I am a woman, and in this “Man’s World” I am seen as a pile of puzzle pieces waiting for the right person to come along and put me together so that I can feel whole. Each of these pieces has a name; Mother, Wife, Smart, Sexy, Funny, Vulnerable, Sensitive, Crazy, Fierce. Among many others. The pieces have hard edges that do not blend with the others. When you try to hold me I am unstable and fall apart. A pile of pieces again waiting for someone to put me together.

I reject this.

I am a woman on my own terms. I do not break. I do not bend. I am whole, not because of others, but because I simply am. I am all of me all of the time. Every aspect of me is equal to the others. I exist on my own terms. I will not hide or compartmentalize to make others feel comfortable. I will not sit down, shut up, cover up, go home or shudder in fear. I am not trashy, inappropriate or immodest. I am a human being with free will to express myself.

My children see me for who I am. All of me. I am not afraid. I do not need an excuse to express myself any more than a man does. Being a mother doesn’t change anything about being a woman. Women are human beings.

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